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I make a trippy movie, it’s completely superficial and I love it

Actor Vivek Oberoi said he was working on a “shallow film” devoid of passion or depth and absolutely “trippy”. He added that he liked the concept and the writing of the film. In a recent interview with Hindustan Times, Vivek Oberoi spoke about the many types of work he has undertaken.

Oberoi can currently be seen on the show ‘Inside Edge’. The show’s third season, which also stars Richa Chadha, released on Amazon Prime last week.

Speaking about how he’s picked a variety of projects these days, the actor said, “I only do things that make me horny. Or stuff that makes me think, ‘It’s a hit. walk, I want to do it. “I’m making a movie that I’ll shoot in England in the first quarter of next year. It’s a complete trip. It’s a trippy movie, and it’s completely superficial. It has no depth, no emotion, but it’s a journey. And I love that, I love the script, I love the idea and I was like, “Let’s take something trivial like this. and let’s have fun making a movie “.

He also shared some details about his upcoming show with Suniel Shetty. “I’m super excited for what I’m doing right now. I’m shooting this very interesting show for MX Player called Dharavi Bank and my character, Jayant Gavaskar, is also a fascinating character. It’s not something I’ve played before. He is the protagonist of the series and Anna, Suniel Shetty, is the antagonist. I absolutely love him (Suniel). It’s a love-hate relationship with him. I love him in real life and I hate him on screen, ”he said.

When asked if the actor would like to play another character in ‘Inside Edge’ besides his own, he said, “It’s like taking a kid to a candy store and asking him to. pick one. I’m a starving actor. I constantly think about the characters. Now, as I become a producer, a writer myself, I’ve written so much content creatively. I also realize that I often have the feeling that as an actor I’d like to play a part, “But I’m not the best fit for the part.” “Maybe that role should be played by this actor.” I’m growing up in sort of, in a way, on this trip too. I can say, ‘This actor is better suited for this role and this story.’ I know I want to do everything as an actor but I can’t, I will choose the right ones.