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‘It took like a century’: Fans breathe a sigh of relief as music icon Christina Aguilera knocks Shakira down and finally wins a Latin Grammy after 21 years

Christina Aguilera made her mark at the 2022 Latin Grammy Awards, winning the coveted Golden Gramophone for “Traditional Pop Vocal Album.” The Grammy for the pop singer arrived after 21 long years, and most of her fans had lost hope. But now that the Queen has released a Latin album after more than 2 decades, she has won the award. The 41-year-old singer has released her first Latin album, Mi Reflejo in 2000 which won the Latin Grammy for Female Pop Vocal Album, and now 2022 has seen the release of Aguilera, the singer’s second Latin album.

Christina Aguilera makes history with her 7th Grammy win

Christina Aguilera on the 2022 Latin Grammy Awards red carpet

Christina Aguilera It was quite a sight on November 18, the night of the Latin Grammys, where she first stunned everyone with her purple dress on the red carpet. And then she continued to give a fiery performance on stage, performing a duet, Cuando Me Dé la Gana with Christian Nodal, during which she slayed again in her black strapless bodysuit and her signature Y2K hair trend, the one she is known to have essentially invented. However, the highlight of the night was undoubtedly that she herself won a Grammy for “Traditional Pop Vocal Album” for Aguilera.

Christina Aguilera performing at the Latin Grammys
Christina Aguilera performing at the Latin Grammys

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During her acceptance speech, the genie in a bottle the singer said,

“I wanted to release another Spanish album since Mi Reflejo. It was such an amazing moment for me. It’s so important to me, and it’s so amazing to come back to this house.

It’s the Beautiful the singer’s 7th Grammy win of all time and the most wonderful fact is that it made her the youngest celebrity to win a Grammy in four different decades: 1990, 2000, 2010 and 2020.

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Christina Aguilera fans are thrilled with the long-awaited Latin Grammy win

Christina Aguilera wins the Latin Grammys
Christina Aguilera won the 2022 Latin Grammys

Fans were elated with the win for the singer who was also named “Voice of a Generation”. The Latin music industry is usually run by people like Shakira, who has the second most Latin Grammys among female artists, having won an impressive 12 awards. However, this year Shakira failed to win a single award despite her single Te Felicito being quite a success. And Aguilera rose like a phoenix and the Xtina fandom couldn’t be happier.

Not all artists can or have achieved what Aguilera has done and his sprawling and iconic career continues.

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