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Kakao Games Reveals Host of New Franchise Updates Eternal Return, Elyon, and ArcheAge

Publisher Kakao Games launched its first storefront, Kakao Now, last week on March 17, revealing a slew of updates to popular existing titles including ArcheAge and Elyon.

Please find below a brief summary of all the updates presented during Kakao Now.

eternal return

Eternal Return, Kakao’s free-to-play online MOBA and Battle Royale hybrid, is being reworked from the ground up for a refreshed console experience, and will be released as Eternal Return: Lumia Experiment. Players can expect a beta test scheduled for later this year.

Meanwhile, PC gamers can expect a new 4v4 mode to come to Eternal Return soon. A release date will be announced soon.


Kakao’s gigantic open-world MMORPG Elyon is also getting some exciting new updates, starting with a new 30-player raid.

In this all-new raid, 30 players will face off against Irukas, a dragon who annihilated his opponents at Dragon’s Arena and crowned the “King of Battles”. This raid focuses heavily on teamwork, and challengers will need to work closely together to overcome difficult attack patterns.

There are also new hunting grounds: the clan-vs-clan based Temple of Desire and the Underwater Secret Sea.

In addition to these new areas, Kakao Games is also adding a new battle type. “Mega Manamechs” will aid clans in PvP battles, and with a new castle siege system in development, these mechs may soon be called upon to help overcome strong defenses.

New boss monsters will present new challenges for Elyon players, both in the above content and in planned future content.

Players looking for a new style of play will appreciate the introduction of two new classes; the Paladin and the Soulbringer.

Kingdom War, Refined

Building on the lessons learned from the previous iteration, the new and improved version of Realm War brings an exciting new large-scale PvP experience for players, with a focus on realm balance and reward tracks that do not require excessive work to acquire.

Various other improvements to Elyon include:

The planned introduction of separate PvE/PvP channels
The ability to form Dungeon, Battlefield, and Assault Team groups with mixed realms
Reducing the storage space occupation of some items, starting with minimizing the types of enhancement stones per level/room
A planned restructuring in the early parts of the game to make player progression clearer and more intuitive
Equipment progression improvements
Controller support
Watch the Elyon Dev Roadmap video for more detailed information on upcoming content!

ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained

ArcheAge, Kakao’s other massively multiplayer online RPG, and its counterpart ArcheAge: Unchained, have some exciting updates this year, the highlight being a new map due out in June.

The Great Prairie of the West is where the Firrans once lived before their exodus. Although a lot of time has passed, there are still traces of their past in the lands.

Additionally, players can expect Tier 3 Erenor Cloaks, as well as UI improvements on March 31.

The new ArchePass updates launching on March 31 and April 28 will introduce a host of new rewards to ArcheAge: Unchained, including new mounts such as Steel Lightning for March and the Typhoon Drake in April.

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