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Kearney’s Faith Christian School Turns To Technology, Many Volunteers To Tell The Meaning Of Christmas | Faith and values


Nicole Norton, a parent from school, sings “God With Us”. Her solo in the video is timed at outside lights.

Faith Christian School, courtesy

Christian faith students did a live nativity scene every year, but freezing temperatures and high winds often made this problematic, so in 2019 a committee offered to make a video instead. But how to do it remains unclear.

Wilkinson saw Charlie Brown’s Christmas sound and light show on 14th Avenue and approached Bill Bebb, who collaborates on this show with five or six of his neighbors.

“Susi has found me,” he laughed. “She saw me on 14th Avenue and asked if I would be interested in helping the school. She said they used to have a living crib, but were looking to do something different. He had no connection with the school, but asked for details. Said only that “they wanted a program with kids involved,” he agreed to sit down and talk.

In the wings

Brad Brandt of Brad L. Brandt Construction LLC was in charge of the executives.

Faith Christian School, courtesy

Bebb worked for EnviroTech Services, based in Greeley, Colorado, for 19 years. An expert in automated de-icing systems and technologies, he has trained de-icing crews and worked on de-icing bridges in Nebraska, the United States and Europe. He humbly said, “I have learned a lot of things over the years. “

For help, he called his neighbor Chet Klimczak, who lives on 13th Avenue, another street with an impressive multi-house holiday exhibit that includes three or four songs, a Christmas message and more. “It had newer technology that could make video displays with changing colors,” Bebb said.