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Kevin Smith paid tribute to the film that ‘saved’ his career

Kevin Smith has made more than a dozen films since Clerks was released in 1994, but his career nearly came to a halt after his second feature film bombed at the box office. It would be Mallrats, which is now a certified cult hit, but in 1995, it grossed $2.1 million on a $6.1 million budget. “Believe it or not, Mallrats had been so reviled and ignored that I was nearly exiled from the movies,” Smith wrote in an Instagram tribute post to the film that “saved my career.” Chasing Amyreleased 25 years ago today.

Amy saved my career – but even better, it helped me mature as an artist and as a person in the process. A quarter of a century has passed since these former independent film kids, then in their twenties, all felt they all had something to prove,” Smith wrote before congratulating the cast, including Joey Lauren Adams. , Jason Lee and Ben Affleck with some serious facial hair. .

“The Surprise Sleeper was a minor hit, earning $12 million, Independent Spirit Awards for me and Lee, and a Golden Globe nomination for Joey. Amy elevated the cast to the attention of storytellers outside of #viewaskew , so it was amazing to see my friends fly @adamsandler put Joey in #bigdaddy, and @jerrybruckheimer was such a big fan he hired Ben for #armageddon, #jasonlee for Enemy of the State, and me to do a #coyoteugly rewrite.

Otherwise for Chasing Amythere would be no Affleck on the Armageddon remark.

For that alone, it’s a classic. You can read the full message below.