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Launch of the 1st Metaverse Crypto Coin for Education in Asia – Koubek in India

Ever since the advent of Bitcoin and the ever-changing landscape that is cryptocurrency, people all over the world have been focused on making money, and fast! Stories of millionaires and billionaires, day after day. And of course, coins like SHIBA INU, SAFEMOON, ELONGATE, DOGECOIN AND MORE offer investors huge returns that can completely secure your financial future in relatively short periods of time. These opportunities are hard to come by and too often people don’t notice them until it’s too late. If you had bought a SHIBA INU for just $100 on January 1, 2021, it would have been worth a staggering $47 million in October 2021.

So, as everyone rushes to unearth the next big mover, Asia’s first education Crypto Metaverse coin – Koubek Coin launched in India, Koubek Coin is being hailed as one of the most exciting projects to come. emerge in this space. Koubek Coin – Asia’s 1st education metaverse coin is revolutionizing the education space like never before. Tokenomics, security and project vision combined with a highly experienced team of technical and business entrepreneurs ensure that Koubek Coin is destined for success and growth.

Koubek Coin is a deflationary, self-reflecting coin designed to become scarce over time. Koubek Coin holders have exclusive weighted voting rights that determine the course of action for proposal strategies and educational initiatives. Honest liquidity pool distribution, transparent smart contract functionality, rewarding tokenomics, and token governance make Koubek the perfect coin to buy, hold, trade, and use. With carefully crafted tokenomics and blockchain governance, Koubek Coin is ready to withstand market fluctuations over time. With the initial launch on Pancakeswap, it is well on its way to being listed on the world’s leading crypto exchanges such as CoinExchangeWorld, Coinsbit, Coingeiko. Koubek coins are also reserved for development team, marketing team, affiliate team, educational initiatives for fair allocation and promotion of coins across the globe. To increase the utility of Koubek Coin, the Koubek team has already partnered with Asia’s leading Edtech company – Digital Gurukul to offer Koubek as a utility coin to their 44850+ students through their online platform. online/offline. It is also in an advanced stage of discussion for a partnership with 37+ Education Organization across Asia. Future development includes an NFT Education niche market, $KBK Pay, NFT Play-to-Earn games, token pools and more.

Koubek Coin was founded by a group of technology and blockchain enthusiasts over a year of extensive and detailed research with a guiding principle of honesty and transparency. The Koubek Coin Token contract is publicly visible and has been fully audited by Techrate. The vision of Koubek Coin which is the world’s 1st Education Metaverse project in transforming the future of education that will enable educators, influencers, content creators around the world to create and upload their own content, develop NFT projects, deliver blockchain-based certification, and help students fund their favorite educator.


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