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Logitech G435, analysis and review


There are many types of headsets on the market and if we go fully into the field of headphones for gaming or “gaming”, even more.

Logitech is one of the big companies in this segment and has some of the best headsets to play with. So you know that you have to come up with something different for the user to answer and this is the raison d’être of the G435.

These are headsets to play with that are very comfortable and that they weigh around 165 grams, extremely porous so that you can forget you are wearing them.

These are mid-range helmets that can be purchased for around 80 euros and then We give you our opinion on these Logitech G435 in an analysis in which we take a look at whether or not they’re worth it.

Logitech G435TypeOn-ear without noise cancellationDriver40 millimetersFrequency20 Hz to 20 kHz | Maximum volume of 100 dB, optionally limited to 85 dB Dolby Atmos surround sound | 3D Storm | Windows SonicHeadphone weight165 gramsMicrophoneTwo built-in microphones | 100 Hz to 8 kHz response Bluetooth connections | USB Lightspeed compatible PC, Mac, PS4 and PS5 ChargingUSB-C Battery life Approximately 15 hours Price 80 euros at Amazon

Logitech G435 Analysis Sections:

The most comfortable helmets I have ever tried

We are going to start talking about design because it is obvious that They are “different” headphones both in their design and in the sensations in the head..

The packaging itself is different from the usual as we don’t see plastic anywhere. The clips that hold the cable are made of some sort of cardboard, the headphones are protected in a paper bag, and the only thing that has plastic is… the components.

Logitech is very committed to that plastic-free future that many companies promise and here’s an example both on the box and on the headphones themselves.

Yes, they are plastic, but as specified on the web, 22% of the body is made from recycled plastic post-consumer. And look, that’s a detail that’s really cool.

But hey, if we talk about the. aesthetic section, we have three color combinations and ours is the more understated, but they still feel very modern with that black body that has lemon yellow cables and buttons.

Buttons are pressed very comfortably and as soon as you put them on you notice two things. The first is that they are extremely comfortable, and for hours with them on my head, the headband didn’t bother me at all.

The second is that these are exceptionally light headphones. They weigh only 165 grams, very little, and thanks to this weight and the fact that the pads are very comfortable, the headband does not hurt us.

I would have put a little more padding here even if it goes up a few grams as not all heads are the same and the hard plastic might bother someone.

The foam of the helmet is comfortable, breathable and adapts very well to the ear, covering the entire perimeter of it.

They practically do not isolate anything, but these are open headphones, and what I don’t like is that the transducers aren’t protected by the typical mesh that protects against dust, especially that delicate element.

Now being a gaming headset … Where’s the mic? This time, Logitech integrated it into the left ear cup.

It is not removable and I think it is a very good option to wear the headphones also on the street without giving vocals, although the sound quality, especially with the background noise, we will see that it leaves something to be desired .

Bluetooth and USB spike to make things easier

In design they attract attention and I already tell you that they look very, very comfortable, especially for long hours of work or play, but it’s time to find out how it behaves both in terms of sound and connectivity.

Logitech has LightSpeed ​​technology, a USB dongle that we can connect to devices such as compatible consoles, PC and Mac so that, without having to configure Bluetooth, the headset connects automatically.

The sound latency with this technology is lower than the one we have when we connect via bluetooth, but it’s still not low enough to edit video with them.

I tried, but I can’t do it because there are a few milliseconds of latency which would spoil the result and the downside is that the USB-C does not transmit the audio in this model and that we do not have no 3.5mm jack.

So video editors are not for you. But hey, it’s not that they’re designed for that and in their own way they behave pretty well.

The USB spike can be connected to PS4, PS5, PC and Mac and is fully Plug & Play. We insert the system and voila, to listen and talk if we have a conversation or a video call.

By Bluetooth, we will be able to connect to compatible devices. To start the bluetooth pairing, we need to press the power button plus the micro mute button for a few seconds and the connection is stable.

Yes indeed, does not work on Xbox or LightSpeed ​​or Bluetooth, but you will be able to pair them with a Switch or with your mobile.

However, How do I switch from Bluetooth connection to LightSpeed ​​or vice versa? With the headphones on, we have to hold down the microphone mute button for a few seconds. When the LED is in light blue it means that LightSpeed ​​is working and if it is in dark blue it is Bluetooth.

And something interesting: if they are working with LightSpeed ​​on the PC or PS5 and you have paired them via bluetooth to the mobile, they will not work if they call you, since the connection is not double. Either it’s on Bluetooth or on LightSpeed.

The truth is that it would have been interesting if these connections were simultaneous to, for example, take a call easily if we are caught playing on the console.

Immersive experience without isolation

Too bad, let’s go with the sound experience, because in the end it’s something very, very important. We have already said that in this model we are going to listen to what is going on around us, which some people like about not isolating themselves too much when playing or working.

The headphones are 40 millimeters and I think the experience is balanced, because they do not abuse the bass, which usually happens in these products, especially in those that cost less than 100 euros.

The bass is boosted to make it more spectacular, but the sound experience is actually worse because the mids and highs are not sized well.

here we have a response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz and the volume can be set to 100dB, but it is limited to 85dB.

We will be able to remove this limitation, but in my opinion it doesn’t make sense because the headphones have a sufficiently high volume as standard and because the limitation is designed to protect our ears.

As I said, not the headphones with the strongest bass, but in games I think the experience is good, as well as listening to music or video calls and we have a carousel of technologies like Atmos, Tempest and Windows Sonic.

We’ve played on systems and titles that support this immersive audio and the experience is great, especially with video games designed to support these stereo headset technologies.

In terms of audio consumption we had no complaints, but microphone is another song. The noise creeps in right away and our voice sounds very, very canned.

I haven’t had any complaints from the friends I play with, but in recordings or video calls, I notice, and they notice, that I am wearing headphones that are different from the ones I usually wear.

So yes, it’s very comfortable to have the microphone integrated into the body, but the quality of it is fair enough.

Eos yes, I repeat what I said about video editing and latency, you might not have a problem with that. If you just want to play with light headsets, you won’t mind.

Approx. 15 hours with USB-C charging

Battery life is always important in headphones like these because we don’t want to run out of battery just when we’re going to take them out to play games with friends, for a call, or just to listen to music.

Manufacturer says we have 18 hours of battery life on one charge, but we don’t know the exact conditions. We, between sessions of our podcast, video games while chatting with friends and listening to music, we have about 15 hours of use, which is not bad at all.

The volume stayed between 50% and 70% in these tests because I consider going higher not necessary in a home environment and the truth is that I am happy with the battery life.

What I didn’t like so much was that most headphones give three warning beeps before they run out of battery.

These throw … more than five and that’s a confusing message because it always surprised me thinking “ok, the third warning has sounded, I can still stretch”, but the next day when I go to put them they run out of battery.

It would be a lot less warning keys or the battery appearing somewhere on the computer when you use them with the USB connector. If you are using them via Bluetooth, the remaining battery icon will appear.

They’re charged by USB-C and the good thing is they can be charged while we’re using them.. It’s a hoot because there are more expensive helmets that don’t allow it and it’s quite annoying.

Of course, I would have loved if they had a headphone jack so that I could use them as passive headphones without straining the battery. This is something that is useful in an emergency.

It has all three ‘B’s, but with a counter that can return more than one

We’ve come to the end of the Logitech G435 review and what we got in our testing are headphones that they are in accordance with the sound quality and the battery, but which, above all, stand out for their great comfort and versatility.

Able to connect via bluetooth and proprietary wireless connection, it is very convenient to switch from device to device to play or listen to music on PC, but get out of anything with earphones connected to mobile . Of course, switching from one to the other is not an intuitive process.

They have adequate sound, the extra Atmos is very popular in some gamesThey are compatible with virtually any system and the best thing, what I stress the most, is that they are extremely comfortable.

What is “against”? Well, precisely, the open design headphones, so the reduction in ambient noise is minimal and in background noise conditions we will know virtually everything that is going on.

The Logitech G435 are the new mid-range gaming headsets that have surround sound and the most striking feature of which is a weight of only 165 grams, making them very comfortable headphones.

If this is not a problem and you want helmets in which design and lightness are a fundamental requirement, these G435s are a very good option.


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