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Malawi Music Is Booming – Phyzix – Malawi Nyasa Times

Malawian music is rapidly growing into a booming commodity and will soon be competing on the global stage, said multi-award winning songwriter, rapper and banker Phyzix.

Bar killer, Phyzix, real name Noel Chikoleka, who is in the UK on assignment, says there is a pool of talented musicians in Malawi who are mature enough to compete on the international music scene if given a chance and opportunities.

Says Phyzix: “Malawi music is booming and moving in the right direction. Malawi has many talented musicians who just need a breakthrough to be on a global scale.

“We have talented music producers, singers, rappers and performers and a very rich and diverse music and dance culture.”

The Songwriter of Wife Material, in a separate interview with Nyasa Times, said now is the time for all Malawian musicians to come together and unite to push for an international agenda saying this is the only way to conquer the world of music.

“We have to support each other and work together as one force because there is power in unity and if we all work together and don’t compete with each other, we will surely succeed together.

“Malawi music is very rich and we are very exciting artists, from music veterans to new creatives moving with global trends. I believe that soon, and very soon, Malawi will break down barriers and take back the reins and all we need is unity,” he said.

Phyzix wowed Malawians and other nationalities with a fiery performance at Malawi’s 58th Independence Day in Leeds, UK last Saturday.

Popularly known as King of the Ghetto, Phyzix is ​​in the UK at the invitation of the British government and he had to step in to perform at Malawi’s independence celebrations after the show’s headliner , Armstrong Kalua, otherwise known as Onesmus in the music industry, was unable to travel to the UK due to visa issues.

Despite a few official engagements, the chart-topping Malawian rapper and performer, songwriter, producer, banker, trader and entrepreneur has apologized to entertain Diaspora Malawians and others on Malawi’s Independence Day. UK in Malawi held at the Clayton Hotel in Leeds city centre.

Famous Afro-hip-hop star Phyzix, who started his music in 2006 and has 14 albums to his name, delivered a power-packed performance that left patrons in attendance and those watching online in awe.

The President of the Malawi Association UK (MAUK), Tadeyo Mphande, praised Phyzix saying, “Phyzix gave the best performance and Malawians and other (nationalities) who attended the online broadcasts in the UK Uni will cherish this experience forever.

Mphande said that besides coming to the rescue of the event after Onesmus failed to make it to the UK, Phyzix turned out to be the biggest rapper and he got professionally driven with an international manner.

During the show, Phyzix, who is also known as Gamba wa Suit or Captain Bae, paid tribute to rapper Too ghetto, Too gutter and “younger brother”, Martin “Martse” Nkhata, and he asked all spectators to turn on their phones. and hold them high in his honor.

Show host MC Steve Chijota remarked after the show, “Phyzix is ​​a show stopper. He’s a very good artist but a very disciplined professional and surprisingly most of his loyal fans in the UK are children.

“It was very moving to see how the children sang all his songs and his attitude towards children was fantastic. Phyzix is ​​not only a good music icon, he is also a great humanitarian.

A patron Bettie Guwa widely known as Abiti Khologeti on Facebook said, “Phyzix put on a better show and played all their hit songs which won everyone over. It was a big moment.

“Phyzix has made history. He made everyone happy and he’s not only a good artist with energy, he’s also a great human being, very humble and friendly with everyone, what a great artist. Cholapitsa chatilapitsa and the guy has vibes.

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