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Marlon Wayans Found Out He Wasn’t Making ‘Scary Movie 3’ While Reading Trades

As many know, actor and comedian Marlon Wayans created the horror movie movies with his brother Shawn Wayans.

But the brothers would later learn that they were no longer part of the franchise in a very impersonal way.

Marlon Wayans Learned He Won’t Do ‘Scary Movie 3’ Anymore By Reading The Newspapers

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Wayans hit a huge hit with the horror movie movies. The franchise was popular for parodying other hit films at the time while mixing in their own humorous original stories. Some of the films that movies were known to parody were The matrix, Screamand The Exorcist.

With the success of the first film, pressure was put on the Wayans brothers to quickly write a successful sequel. According to Marlon Wayans, that’s when the problems started between him and the studio.

“What my brothers and I did was take a $19 million movie and we made it a half-billion dollar franchise. We rushed to do a sequel. It still worked. , but not the way we wanted. He wasn’t as good as the first one. Everything was fine. He wasn’t using his jab or his hook. It was just right hand, right hand, right hand. It was a little more desperate,” Wayans said according to the Chicago Tribune.

Subsequently, Wayans learned that they would not horror movie 3 like most people did.

“And then we read in the trades one day that they made horror movie 3 with someone else. We were like, ‘Wow, that’s interesting.’ They took a franchise that we had and it bombed,” he said.

Marlon Wayans Was Disappointed With What The ‘Scary Movie’ Films Have Become

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Wayans once expressed great disappointment that the horror movie franchise has turned downstream. Apart from the third horror movie, the franchise also spawned two other sequels. It ended with Horror Movie V in 2013.

But for Wayans, the quality of the films stopped with the third film.

“We watched our own franchise go to s***,” Wayans told Complex. “horror movie It was a good franchise that we started – now I don’t know what it is.

Wayans’ own parody film, Haunted housewas getting ready to go out around the same time as Horror Movie V. And Wayans had no doubt that Haunted house would end up blowing horror movie out of water.

“You can take the franchise we’ve created, but you can’t take the talent and the jokes behind it. You can only fool the public, but for so long, and for so long the public has been duped. They got fooled horror movie 3 and they got fooled Scary Movie 4,said Wayans. “Now we will see who got the goods. I don’t wish the people behind Scary Movie 5 something bad, though. I wish them love. I just know mine is going to make people laugh. I don’t know what theirs will do.

Marlon Wayans explained what separated ‘Scary Movie’ from similar parodies over the years

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The horror movie The franchise wasn’t the only series of parody films to hit theaters at the time. Similar parodies like epic movie and vampire sucks also came out to poke fun at mainstream movies. However, the white chicks star claimed that those same parody movies had nothing to do with the original two horror movie projects.

“Lately I’ve been watching these parody movies that come out, and if you notice when me and my brothers do parodies, they make sense,” he said. “We don’t just bundle things together. We have a science of math that we like to apply, so it’s not shocking to watch. I watch these parodies from the past 10 years and they don’t make sense. They jump from one movie to another movie, then to another movie.

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