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MC Automotive Technology Student Finds A Way To Succeed


Thomas Bolin, an automotive student at Midland College, epitomizes Mark Twain’s famous quote: “Find a job you love to do and you will never have to work a day in your life.” “

“I’ve always liked to DIY stuff,” Bolin said. “I like to see how things work and how they work properly. My father was a carpenter, and growing up I helped him build houses. Now, I do a lot of hands-on learning everyday in the MC Automotive Technology program at the Advanced Technology Center. I meet a lot of new people which is a great experience for me.

Thomas Bolin excels at MC while living with dyslexia, a disorder involving difficulty in reading and comprehension, and dysgraphia, a disorder involving difficulty in writing.

“My mom was a teacher, so she helped me grow a lot,” he said. “I’m from Monahans and finally decided to go to MC because it was near my home. Having dyslexia, it was easier to be closer to home with my mom so she could help me with my homework if I needed it.

“Thomas doesn’t like school, and school has been very difficult for him in the past,” admitted Bolin’s mother, Kandace. “As a parent, I can say that MC has been an exceptional and exceptional thing for my child. When he took his first test his first semester and got 100, I said, “Oh, print it out and put it on the fridge! MC professors and staff are very helpful from the bookstore to the registrar’s office – everyone helped Thomas, no questions asked. It was an amazing experience as he started school during the very confusing time of COVID-19 in 2020!

Thomas Bolin is constantly preparing for success. He fondly remembers arriving early to class just to connect with MC faculty, staff and students. Bolin has spoken a lot about how these interactions and friendships have helped him excel in school.

“I didn’t know much about cars when I started,” he said. “I have to admit that at first I didn’t really understand what we were doing, but I got involved. I stayed after class talking to my teachers like Mr. Pete Avalos. I was just getting to know him better on a personal level, so I never even felt like I was asking for extra help. Whenever I understood and knew what we were doing, teachers like Mr. Avalos stood back and helped me because we got to know each other better as people, as friends. This connection helped me understand the topics of the courses more clearly.

“I can’t say enough about the teachers; they’re amazing, ”Kandace said. “They give students their phone numbers and say ‘call us if you need us’ and they mean it. Thomas did an internship this summer at Atlas Sand, completely outside of school, and when he had questions, even unrelated to the course, he texted his teachers and they answered him. I really think the technical side of things at MC is for people like Thomas who don’t want to go to college, but they find their passion in a practical way.

Thomas Bolin has completed and will continue his internship at Atlas Sand where he will work on ATVs, trucks and heavy equipment. He was able to apply and continue to apply the knowledge he acquired at MC to complete work on all mobile equipment.

Bolin was not only motivated to get a summer internship and drive the two-hour round trip during the four days a week he teaches, but he is also so motivated and ambitious that he received scholarships from the community of Monahans to pay all his tuition to MC. Thomas Bolin enjoyed MC’s auto program so much that he has a detailed plan for his future.

“I still have a year in the automotive business at MC, and my plan is to go back and get my diesel license,” he said. “Then I’m thinking about getting my aircraft technician license to work on airplanes too, so hopefully I can work on anything diesel or gasoline.”

Bolin has some important tips for people with dyslexia and dysgraphia:

“Don’t be afraid; take a step forward; get involved and try it. You don’t know until you try at least once. Don’t let a learning disability stop you from realizing it. dream that you are trying to pursue because it can help you a lot if you allow it. It can become an ability if you get into something you like. You can overcome difficulties in MC no matter what.


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