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McKinney ISD Baseball and Softball Fields to Receive New Technology

MuscoVision currently broadcasts all football and soccer games played at McKinney ISD Stadium. (Courtesy of McKinney ISD)

The baseball and softball fields at the three McKinney ISD High Schools will receive new playout systems this year.

The MISD school board approved a proposal for $ 137,600 at an Oct. 26 meeting from Musco Sports Lighting, the company that provides the current broadcast system at the MISD stadium. MuscoVision broadcasts all football and soccer matches played in the stadium.

The proposal includes a contingency of $ 15,000 for any unforeseen conditions. Any unused contingency funds will be returned to the district at the end of the project.

The District Facilities Department is helping the Sports Department install the broadcast systems, which should be completed before the baseball season. Customers will be able to subscribe to MuscoVision to watch matches live or watch them on demand. The revenues will be split between MISD and Musco Sports Lighting; 70% will go to the district and 30% will go to Musco.

The neighborhood will provide internet access for the broadcast to be streamed through Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple and Android phones. Musco will oversee all other operations, including credit card processing and warranty services.

Each court will have a wireless camera behind the plate that overlooks the catcher and the umpire to view the pitcher and a wireless camera on the outfield fence that overlooks the pitcher’s shoulder.

Operations director Greg Suttle said the additions will come at a convenient time for those who may not feel comfortable attending games in person due to the pandemic. More than 2,200 people have seen the system in place at the MISD stadium, he said.

“If you have grandparents out of state… or maybe a college scout, an opposing team that wants to see the pitcher, there are a number of reasons people are watching this,” Suttle said.

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