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Michelle Zauner Gets Personal in OU Music Summit Q&A

Michelle Zauner from Japanese Breakfast talked about it New York Times Bestseller Crying in H Mart, reading a segment to attendees of the Ohio University Music Summit in the Baker Ballroom.

Zauner is generally known as the lead singer of her band, which creates psychedelic alternative pop hits. Japanese breakfast has been praised for works such as Psychopomp (2016) and Jubilee (2021), which earned two Grammy nominations for Best New Artist and Best Alternative Music Album.

The singer is also currently adapting Crying in H Mart for the screen.

The reading was followed by a question-and-answer part, where listeners asked the singer about the process of writing memoirs, as well as the content they contain. Audience members were also curious to hear about Zauner’s background in the music industry, asking her about her early days as a musician and her creative process.

Students were thrilled to see an artist like Zauner gracing the OU campus, reflecting on her work and her time as a musician.

“I’m a huge fan of his music,” said Kelley Lach, a sophomore studying embedded media. “Jubilee was one of my best albums of the last year, and the presence that Michelle Zahner has cultivated is one that I find truly admirable. She is so authentic and vulnerable about her identity and lived experience.

Her presence even inspired those who didn’t know much about the singer to attend the event as well.

“I’ve heard of Japanese breakfast before and listened to it a bit, but I didn’t know Michelle too well, so it was kind of new to me, but it was super cool,” Anna said. Gavin, a freshman. studying plant biology, said.

Students and locals rushed to the microphones filled with questions, Zauner was lively and engaged with the audience, giving valuable advice to budding musicians in the crowd, as well as journalism students.

“I think it’s always really cool to hear the process of artists or musicians in creating their art, so it was really cool to hear someone like that,” Gavin said. “Her story is especially cool as a Korean American and going through everything in her life.”

As the end of the Q&A session neared, viewers were eager to hear more about her insight, her struggles with being an only child, and her mother’s apprehensions about her desire to pursue music.

“I feel like it brings her closer to her and her music and her book because I hear like first-hand experience,” said Elliot Marks, a freshman civil engineering student. .

After the event ended, members of the public were sad to see Zauner leave campus, but eager to see his DJ set at Stuart’s Opera House, 52 Public Square.

“Being here has been really interesting because I’m not into the music industry, but hearing where people have branched out into other disciplines is really cool,” Lach said. “Michelle definitely did it. It’s really inspiring.


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