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Mike Harrington: The last two games were huge moments for the Sabers | Buffalo Sabers News

During so many of those tough times in November and December, Anderson could have helped this team persevere. But he was leading the battle with the neck injury he suffered Nov. 2 in San Jose, and the Sabers didn’t get enough saves while he was out.

It’s easy to say that Anderson’s absence cost this team 8-10 points, and the Sabers could be several spots higher in the standings.

“The difference between winning and losing is so fine that there’s such a mental battle that you have to stay within yourself and really stay focused,” said Anderson, who watched the Sabers struggle to stay in the game. time and not let previous adversity get in the way of games.

“You get too far ahead of yourself and you start worrying about the game you just had, whether it’s good or bad, nothing good can come of it. We’re starting to learn that and we’re starting to to grow in these areas.”

You see belief growing all around. Dahlin played the role of an All-Star for three months. This is not a small sample size. It’s easy to overlook Eichel, given the contributions of Krebs and Alex Tuch. Look at the impact Granato had on Thompson, Jeff Skinner and Kyle Okposo, among others.

Mattias Samuelsson played 21 minutes Sunday, posted a plus-2 differential, had six hits and blocked three shots. The young defensive core of Dahlin, Henri Jokiharju, Samuelsson, Casey Fitzgerald and Jacob Bryson is a month or less away from adding Owen Power to the roster.