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Modern board games that are great alternatives to Cluedo

Cluedoalso known as Index, is one of the most popular board games of all time. The game finds six players navigating a mansion following a murder. Throughout the game, players must uncover the identity of the killer, the murder weapon, and where it happened. The first player to arrive at the correct answer wins. The franchise has spawned movies, game shows, and even a book series.

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However, with only six potential killers, locations, and lethal weapons, the game can get repetitive over time. Fortunately, fans of Cluedo can look into other board games similar in concept to the famous murder mystery. These board and card games are the best options for Cluedo fans who want to solve a new mystery on game night.


6 Outmoded !

Outmoded is essentially Cluedo for a younger audience. As such, the Mystery is a more kid-friendly getaway. Instead of a gruesome murder, a prized pie has gone missing, and it’s up to players to find out who the culprit is. Together, players cooperatively cross suspects off their list while trying to catch the criminal.

Part of the charm of this game is its art direction. Not only is the game board a charming cartoon town, but it also features beautiful game pieces that flesh out this anthropomorphic world. For families who want to encourage their children to become little detectives, this game is a great starting point.

5 5 minute mystery

It’s no secret that board games can be time consuming, especially the more complex ones like Monopoly Where Risk. Fortunately, the board game 5 minute mystery promises a high-stakes thriller at breakneck speeds. Contrary to CluedoNevertheless, 5 minute mystery tests its players with real detective skills.

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While investing in a museum robbery, players must uncover the mystery by searching for hidden symbols and decoding clues to rule out potential suspects. As Outmoded, it also features some pretty stylish illustrations of anthropomorphic characters, each with something to hide. Of course, all this must take place in a fairly short time.

4 Mysterium

Mysterium is a popular board game which, like Cluedo, features a mountain of lore alongside its central mystery. Players take on the role of psychic mediums using their clairvoyance to solve the murder of another player, who assumes the role of a ghost. The ghost’s role is similar to that of the dealer in a poker game, offering psychics a chance to win. They do this by offering cards to each player, the images on which are supposed to hint at the killer, location, and weapon.

It is very similar to Cluedo in its objective: the mediums must reconstruct who the killer was, where the murder took place and with what weapon. However, players should rely on interpretation rather than facts. The game also rewards cooperation, as psychics only win if they are all able to guess the ghost’s killer. It’s an interesting time for board game fans who prefer high stakes to mystery.

3 Awkward guests

While the games of Cluedo only have so many results, Awkward guests is designed to avoid this problem. This card game creates a unique mystery each time, giving each player a deck of cards with information about the murder. It’s up to players to seek specific information from other players each turn.

After each round ends, players can try to guess who the culprit is. Of course, whoever guesses it correctly first wins the game. It’s a lot more competitive than the other options on this list, but don’t get too confident. The mystery will change each time, so it all depends on luck.

2 Alibi

This card game is extremely similar to Cluedo in its premise, even if it goes a bit further. The unique aspect of Alibi is the specificity of each murder. Players must not only determine the murder weapon and the identity of the killer, but also details like the motive and time of day. This makes the deductive process more complex than Cluedo‘s.

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Players follow who is ahead by revealing clues to earn points. Each round, players ask each other to reveal the clues they have, crossing off suspects from the list as they go. It’s a great game for small and large groups, and it can go by very quickly. However, players should avoid false accusations, as they may lose points.

1 One Night Ultimate Werewolf

No mystery game is as intense and argumentative as One Night Ultimate Werewolf. The game finds players taking on the role of villagers, each with specific roles and abilities. In large groups, two of the players are secretly werewolves, and each round the players fight over who is telling the truth and who is lying.

It’s a great game to play with a close group of friends, as lots of laughs can be had over what each person is claiming. There are even additional expansions to this game, including Dawn, which includes many new roles for players to choose from. At the end of it all, the players make their accusations, hoping by luck that they’ve caught a werewolf.

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