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Music: Soul Kitchen

The intimate and fun cooking concert series at the Sonoma Community Center resumes this Sunday, April 3. The quartet of talented women, led by the masterful vocal instructor Cynthia Tarr, will perform a selection of folk, country and even punk songs.

Jessica Terwilliger is among the women who split the bill. The others are Judy Bowles, Robyn Muscardini and Mary Ziegler. The four will each play solo sets and can support each other with harmonies. The accompaniment will be made from tailor-made karaoke versions of the chosen songs.

Terwilliger explained that the so-called cooking gigs originally took place in the kitchen of the community center. With only 30 seats, the event was a family and friends kind of thing. The move across the hall aims to include more community members in the fun.

As a longtime member of the Free Spirit Gospel Choir, CSC’s choir, Terwilliger was hand-picked by Cynthia Tarr, director of the center’s music program. She and the other three women took on the challenge of singing solo, a move Terwillinger called “stepping out of our comfort zone.”

Mary Ziegler is “a little woman with a huge voice”, according to Terwilliger. She also said that Muscardini was an excellent singer and that Bowles was “one of the most amazing singers in the music department”. The four women were all students of Tarr, both in workshops and in classes at CSC. Terwilliger said: “Cynthia takes us out of our comfort zone. She introduces material that may not be your cup of tea. You learn a lot when you push yourself.

Terwilliger said the classes and workshops helped her “learn what to do with this tool, the voice.” She is excited about the concert and added, “Singing for a group of people is absolutely wonderful.”

“She’s an incredible leader,” Terwilliger said of Tarr. The tone and excitement of Terwilliger’s voice reflects this leadership, and the shows are always worth attending.

These cooking concerts are usually scheduled on the last Sunday of the month. The Sonoma International Film Festival has postponed its March show to this Sunday. The shows take place in room 110 of the center and start at 6 p.m. sharp. Tickets will be available at the door.