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‘Napoleon’: Everything you need to know about Ridley Scott’s epic new film

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what Napoleon on?

Ridley Scott’s historical drama centers on the legendary leader who rose from military general to Emperor of France, with a focus on his tumultuous relationship with the woman who became his wife, Josephine.

Who is in the cast of Napoleon?

Joaquin Phoenix stars as Napoleon with Vanessa Kirby as Josephine and Tahar Rahim as Paul Barras, the revolutionary army commissar who made Napoleon a general.

What is the release date of Napoleon?

It is scheduled for 2023, but the release date has not yet been announced.

Is there a trailer for Napoleon?

Production only started in February 2022, so it will still be a while before we can see any footage.

where can i watch Napoleon?

It is produced by Apple TV+ and should therefore be available in cinemas and on the streaming platform, assuming the studio continues to follow its current release model.

The details:

It should follow the spectacular rise and fall of Napoleon

During the French Revolution, Napoleon rose rapidly through the military ranks. As a general, he took power in a Rebellion in 1799 and crowned himself chief. Waging war on European nations, he then extended his empire. “Napoleon is a man who has always fascinated me,” said director Ridley Scott Deadline in January 2021. “He came out of nowhere to rule everything – but all the while he was waging a romantic war with his adulterous wife Josephine. He conquered the world to try to win her love, and when he couldn’t, he conquered it to destroy her, and destroyed himself in the process.

The name of the movie has changed

Until recently, the film was called haversack, seemingly in a nod to the saying “There’s a staff hidden in every soldier’s bag.” It has now been changed to a bit more direct Napoleon.

Before Vanessa Kirby, Jodie Comer was to play Josephine

the Kill Eve star, who recently appeared in Ridley Scott The last duel, signed to play Josephine in 2021, but on January 4, 2022, it appeared that she would have to step down due to scheduling issues arising as a result of the pandemic. Hours later, it was announced that Oscar-nominated Vanessa Kirby would take her place.

It’s filmed across the UK – and further afield too

Napoleon will be filmed primarily in the UK, with numerous scenes at Lincoln, Blenheim Palace, West Wycombe Park and Boughton House in Kettering. The BBC added that Lincoln Cathedral was being turned into a setting, with locals speculating it would replace Notre Dame, where Napoleon was crowned. In May, the film is also set to shoot in Malta, where Fort Ricasoli will be transformed into Toulon, the site of Napoleon’s first victory in 1793.

It marks a film reunion

Napoleon reunites Joaquin Phoenix and Ridley Scott for the first time since Gladiator, in which the former played the power-hungry Roman ruler Commodus. “No actor could ever play Napoleon like Joaquin,” Scott said. Deadline. “He created one of the most complex emperors in movie history by Gladiator, and we will create another one with his Napoleon. And after Napoleon? Scott is set to begin production on the highly anticipated Gladiator 2.

The costumes are sure to look gorgeous

Janty Yates – the costume designer who collaborated with Scott on everything from Gladiator and Robin Hood for The last duel and Gucci House – come back for Napoleon, so you can expect to see pristine chiffon, silk and lace dresses in the neoclassical styles that were popular at the time. Be sure to pay close attention to the lavish coronation attire of Napoleon and Josephine in particular: he wore a gold-embroidered white satin tunic and a red velvet mantle adorned with golden bees, while she wore a dress in white satin with puff sleeves and golden details.

Get ready for battles galore

Napoleon appealed to former paratrooper Paul Biddiss, the military adviser to 1917to help bring his fight sequences to life and, according to Deadline, there will be six in total. Knowing Scott, they won’t skimp on show either.

Ultimately, Napoleon will speak of love

When the French leader was a 26-year-old officer, he met Josephine, a 32-year-old single mother with two children. They fell in love and were soon married, but both were known to have had affairs, leading to a divorce in 1810. Asked about his vision for the film by Deadline, Scott said he had “reduced it to: what was so necessary of Napoleon to this woman, and what became so necessary for this woman to Napoleon Bonaparte? Why this connection? The answer will have to wait until next year.