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Netflix’s “Squid Games” Take the Internet by Storm in No Time – The Sunflower


Recently, at the end of September, Netflix released its new series “Squid Games”, which took the internet to a whole new twist of memes and questions.

Within the first 28 days of its release, it became one of Netflix’s most-watched series in many regions and surpassed last fall’s release “Bridgerton”.

The series is based on an idea director Hwang Dong-Hyuk had about his own personal financial issues in his previous life and the class disparity in Korea.

The film follows the character of Seong Gi-hung, who is recently divorced and lives with his elderly mother. Broken and with a gambling habit, Gi-hung has another habit of letting his daughter down.

In debt and looking for a way to make more money, when offered to play a series of children’s games, such as “red light green light” and shape puzzles, for cash – he accepts the offer and is taken to a hidden location to participate with 455 other players in the games, and now learns that losing the game means death.

The games seem easy enough, as these are games that they had played when they were kids and were quite familiar with them. But the games were rigged with struggles and one wrong move disqualified you. And with disqualification comes death.

The rest of the series takes turns to keep viewers engaged, following our characters throughout the games as they attempt to tackle challenges that initially seemed a lot easier than they actually were.

While keeping you engaged with its intensity, the series is not for the faint of heart. It is TV-MA rated for intensely gore scenes, as losing characters get shot or killed, as well as violence and nudity.

Although not for everyone, the show has captivated the majority of Internet users. Especially with the start of October and a lot of people looking for movies and shows that could fit into the horror genre, it has gained a lot of viewers and more as it remains in Netflix’s top ten. .

Gen Z are having the best time with the show as they are using it for comedic purposes and setting new trends and providing lots of new audios on TikTok as well as producing new memes. People don’t seem as horrified as initially thought, but instead find it simply intriguing and bordering on humor.

Even though it wasn’t the most exciting show I have seen, it was something new and original for people to enjoy.

After spending many months locked indoors with the TV and not receiving a lot of new or out-of-the-box content, it’s easy to see why the series performed so well, if not somehow. something so extraordinary. like some of the other Netflix shows such as “Black Mirror”.

If it’s done after the first episode, it’s a good watch for what it is, and I would suggest watching if you haven’t before spoilers are absolutely everywhere and must-see. Once the spoilers are heard, the show loses its zest.


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