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New Hologram Technology Used in Los Angeles, Bay Area to Say Goodbye to Boring Meetings Is Widely Available to Consumers

LOS ANGELES (KABC) — New technology is pushing the boundaries, going beyond your typical Zoom meeting. Some celebrities have used them, but now holograms are about to become a reality for everyone.

Over the past two years, we’ve all gotten used to Zoom meetings, and now holograms are becoming a way to bring meetings to life. It’s even a great way to host a segment of your local news, just like ABC7’s Marc Brown showed us by creating a “twin” he could interact with. Press play in the featured video to watch this “marvel of technology”.

All types of businesses use technology to create versions of ourselves.

We’ve already heard from Meta, formerly known as “Facebook”, about their plans to dive into virtual reality. Now we’re learning how other companies are planning to use 3D technology to make meetings less flat and much more interesting.

Canadian company ARHT Media has set up hologram studios at 15 WeWork locations, including San Francisco and Los Angeles, to make the technology more widely available.

The person stands in front of a green screen. A series of cameras capture a 3D likeness of that person and project it elsewhere in real time.

The company wants to make this technology widely available and cost-effective for the consumer market.

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