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New SiC-based systems hit the market


Semiconductor specialist STMicroelectronics announces the launch of its third generation of silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFETs for EV applications. The company claims to have incorporated new know-how to further unlock the energy saving potential of SiC. He notes that with the acceleration of the electric vehicle market, many automakers and auto suppliers are now adopting 800V drive systems to achieve faster charging and help reduce the weight of electric vehicles. To this end, the latest SiC devices from STMicroelectronics are specifically optimized for these high-end automotive applications, including EV traction inverters, on-board chargers, DC-DC converters and e-climate compressors.

“We continue to advance this exciting technology with device and packaging innovations. As a manufacturer of fully integrated SiC products, we are able to offer our customers ever improving performance, ”said Edoardo Merli, General Manager of the Power Transistor Macro division and vice president of the Automotive and Discrete group of STMicroelectronics. . “We are continuously investing to support our automotive and industrial programs which are expected to generate US $ 1 billion in SiC revenue by 2024.”

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