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New Zealand education technology on the verge of becoming a major industry

The education technology sector is fast becoming one of New Zealand’s iconic industries, according to to a report published today by EdTechNZ.

Worth $ 173.6 million in 2020, edtech software is expected to reach $ 319.6 million by 2025, according to the report.

The covid pandemic has been a driver of the digital transformation of learning, continuously changing the way we consume and deliver education, from kindergarten through post-graduate education and lifelong learning. the life.

This has created opportunities to bring school into the digital age, making education more personalized, interesting, effective and rewarding.

New Zealand has a significant number of start-ups pushing the boundaries in many areas.

They include experiential learning, augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence-assisted learning, assessment, learning management, and specific subjects such as math, literacy, and education. languages. Most of these companies focus on exporting to the world.

However, the sector faces some challenges, both at home and abroad, including a small domestic market, unhelpful sourcing practices, a lack of centralized coordination, fragmented foreign markets and a tight supply of talent.

The report suggests six key recommendations for overcoming these challenges, starting with the development of a national advanced technology strategy.

Thirty companies are featured in the report, ranging from well-known names like Education Perfect, LearnCoach, and Wendy Pye to rising stars like Komodo Wellbeing, Plink Software, and Amy the AI ​​Math Tutor.

Aotearoa has an excellent reputation in education and is perhaps one of the world’s leading sources of educational technology.

EdTechNZ Executive Advisor Dave Moskovitz says education is changing faster than ever. Aotearoa has the skills, experience and reputation to have a huge positive impact on the way the world teaches and learns, he says.

“But we lack collective will and commitment. This report shows us what we need to do to get there.

“The world price is ours for the taking. We must all work together, including educators, learners, entrepreneurs and government, to bring innovative Kiwi technology to the world for the benefit of all. “

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