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People Are Shocked By The Quality Of Adam Sandler’s Netflix Movie

There’s a particular phenomenon that tends to accompany Adam Sandler films these days – more specifically, a certain backlash that may come from his haters in addition to well-meaning audiences. It comes as a real surprise that one particular Sandler movie, the most recent being Netflix’s basketball movie Hustle, It’s not terrible. On the contrary, Hustle is actually quite good.

Be honest, though. What’s your first thought when you hear Sandler’s name? Should you immediately plan to watch whatever its newest release is – like this latest from the streaming service? In the case of HustleWhat if I told you it’s called Sandler’s Jerry Maguire? Or that a point of sale like The Los Angeles Times raves about Sandler’s work here that it’s “one of his warmest, most modulated performances in stereotypical yet finely textured drama”?

East Hustle released on Netflix?

After securing limited release in theaters, Hustle debuted on Netflix on Wednesday, June 8. And here is the official synopsis from the streamer. “After discovering a once-in-a-lifetime player with a checkered past overseas, an unlucky basketball scout (Adam Sandler) takes it upon himself to bring the phenom to the United States without his team’s approval. Against all odds, they have one last chance to prove they have what it takes to succeed in the NBA.

Besides Sandler, the cast also includes Juancho Hernangómez. He plays basketball player Bo Cruz, originally from Spain (in reality, of course, Juancho is a real NBA player, for the Utah Jazz). Sandler’s scout convinces Bo to come and play in the United States with the offer of a $900,000 salary.

The cast also includes other familiar faces, like Queen Latifah, Robert Duvall and Ben Foster.

Opinions on Rotten Tomatoes

Bottom line here? Put aside any silliness you might associate with Sandler, who (when he wants to) can knock your socks off with his skill. movies like Uncut Gems have already said that very clearly.

Consequently, Hustle stormed the door with strong ratings at Rotten Tomatoes. There it has a review score of 88%, based on 56 reviews at the time of writing. As well as an even higher audience score of 90% on the review aggregation website.

(L-R) Juancho Hernangomez as Bo Cruz and Adam Sandler as Stanley Sugerman in Netflix’s “Hustle.” Image source: Scott Yamano/Netflix

“It has to be one of the best movies ever made, the first movie where basketball players were able to act,” enthused one Rotten Tomatoes user. “Amazing and sincere.” Praised another, “It’s been an enjoyable experience, especially with Adam Sandler’s performance. The story will feel familiar, but that doesn’t stop the movie from being a good time.

Likewise, the film also has a solid score at the moment on IMDb. The, Hustle earned a rating of 7.4/10.

Hustle is a premier underdog sports film,” critic Scott Menzel tweeted. “Adam Sandler is perfection in this area as the film plays to his strengths as a comedic and dramatic actor. Juancho Hernangómez delivers a surprisingly heartfelt and emotional performance. I loved it.

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