Fascinating music

Pi’erre Bourne makes Playa music!

One of the underrated mega producers of the current generation, Pi’erre Bourne has hit hard in recent years

Pierre Bourne is a GRAMMY award-winning producer and musician, so of course he’s dope, but what sells his art is the “swag” that it comes with. It’s still all the rage for music, which is refreshing at a time when social media has sowed the worst colors on a few modern artists. A bit of mystery and intrigue in his world is what really draws fans to it.

Bourne has an appeal and a talent for him with an underground personality that not only keeps him relevant but is hungry for higher marks. Not content with a specific vocal cord, Pi’erre ranges from Playboi Carti to modern Kanye, which showcases an innate ability to procure unforgettable productions. Moreover, it shows that his musical ear is inhuman; a superpower, one might say, that he exercises very discreetly. (Pun intended, clearly!)

His approach to music embellishes the sound that holds the audience. Anyone can come out and get attention, but what makes them stay? It’s pretty amazing how modest Pi’erre seems with the CVs of the artists he has produced for. Names like Drake, Carti, Ye, Clipse, Gunna, Uzi, Future, 21 and more would make almost anyone a little overconfident.

However, that only seemed to fuel Bourne’s thirst to evolve his art even further. His latest solo album, ‘The life of Peter 5, ‘sums up all the artists with whom he has worked; with a little “Pi’erre” flair. As Bourne grows up, his artistry improves and his ego remains in check. This makes him a winner and a force to be reckoned with for many years to come. To put it simply, Pi’erre keeps everything P!

Photo credit – Chris Nunez