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PlayStation live games on PC can benefit from cross-save and PSN integration

Sony’s new game hub may hint at features in new PlayStation games on PC.


Sony recently set up a new PC games section on PlayStation’s website, and at first glance it looks like a mundane (but useful) list of first-party PC games. Scrolling down to the FAQ section gives us some interesting possibilities.

The site can hint at two very important features of PlayStation games on PC: PSN integration, which is valuable for Sony’s metrics tracking and engagement systems, and cross-saves between console and PC. Based on industry trends and the stark contrast between consoles and PCs, we’re betting these two features will apply primarily (and perhaps exclusively) to Sony’s new live games.

PlayStation live games on PC can benefit from cross-save and PSN integration 1 |  TweakTown.com

Sony’s words may not mean what we think…but I don’t think that’s likely. Here’s what’s likely to happen.

Sony plans to release 12 live service games by 2025. I predicted that these games will be released on all platforms, including consoles, PCs, and even mobiles. I’ve also established important guidelines that Sony should follow to maximize revenue and reach potential, including free-to-play, cross-platform/cross-save integration, and no PS Plus requirements.

I think all of these things will still happen and the PlayStation website seems to indicate that. It is not uncommon for online/live games to require separate logins for associated services; Microsoft games sold on Steam require you to sign in to an Xbox account in order to play.

Sony’s games should be no different…at least those that include online multiplayer.

This offers specific benefits such as possible PlayStation Network features such as friend lists, messaging and possibly some sort of integration with Sony. new PlayStation Stars rewards system.

Cross-save should also be supported in PlayStation Live games via cloud sync. Players should be able to play on PC and pick up where they left off on consoles. This is really how all live games should work.

It’s hard to do for non-online native games, but it’s not impossible. Xbox games that are marked as Play Anywhere can transfer saves between PC and Xbox consoles at any time via Xbox LIVE cloud sync – which is free, but Sony locks that behind a paywall as a PlayStation Plus benefit.

Both of these features are essential for accessibility, engagement and, more importantly, for Sony to track player spending and gaming habits. This kind of data is exponentially valuable to any platform holder…especially one just breaking into the PC and live gaming market.