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Pop Music Reminiscing Foregone Times: David Treadway releases an exciting new single that delights listeners with soulful melodies.

“Waiting My Turn” is an anthem that represents both a deep sense of affinity for the past as well as the unique camaraderie between friends.

David Treadway releases an immersive new single that touches the hearts of the public, reminding them of the beautiful moments in their life. This new single, “Waiting My Turn”, is a song steeped in nostalgia articulating personal events with immense sensitivity. It’s an inspiring track that helps cement the true value of friendships.

Treadway beautifully creates a bittersweet space through this music that considers both today’s progress and yesterday’s security. The song is about missing the chance to connect with someone; the possibility of working out the final details or finding a solution. This is how the music of the eclectic artist is extremely accessible to the masses. The pop genre of the single coupled with the overwhelming heartache of the lyrics add a beautiful contrast to this catchy song, making it an anthem for all times to come.

“I’m waiting for my turn” is a labor of love written by three childhood friends who rely on lost opportunities and roads not taken; the smallest decision that led to the biggest difference in what life is like today. It’s meant to make listeners miss their past with a unique sense of hope for the future.

This new song is a welcome addition to the innovative and inspiring musical consortium. “Forget About Me”, “Be With Me” and “I Hung My Head” show the rising star’s affinity for making melodic tunes and touching lyrics. This music too is colored by the inspiring artist’s past; one that has seen both losses and gains. As a whole, this music is reminiscent of a simpler time.

Stream the music of the inspiring artist on YouTube as well as Spotify on the following link placed here https://open.spotify.com/artist/2V2Zr3cvXsveFLtC5Yqwgk. Follow the artist’s official social media page on Instagram for updates on the latest music. For interviews, reviews and / or collaborations, contact us via this email [email protected]


David Treadway is a multimedia artist, songwriter, musician, director and producer based in New Orleans. The budding musician has made music a central part of his life, expertly using it as a means of expression in a time when words cannot explain feelings. when they no longer dominate. The singer has uploaded this new version of the single “Waiting My Turn” with freshly mastered sound and a digitally enhanced video.

This song is part of Treadway’s debut album titled “I’m Really Strange”. The album is a new genre in itself with pop, rock, funk, jazz and 80s, 90s and 2000s influences. The single has been distributed through a number of different platforms including iTunes, YouTube Art Tracks, Spotify and Google Play, among others. The versatility and relativity of Treadway’s music makes him a fresh new voice in the music industry!


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