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Powers returns, boys win two games – Davie County Enterprise Record

By Brian Pitts
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Davie’s college basketball team allowed 21 unanswered points, saw Alexander Central score the last six of the game and lost 59-53 at Taylorsville on November 30.
This is the bad part. The Good: The War Eagles responded with back-to-back wins as they played three non-conference games in four days.
Davie-Alexander Central was an outrageous racing game. It was 12-12 before Davie scored 19 of the next 22 points to take a 31-15 lead. Then came the Cougars’ 21-0 run, which left Davie in a 36-31 deficit. They extended the run to 29-3 to put Davie in a 44-34 hole.
“They played a really good game,” coach Bruce Wallace said of AC. “They’re good – don’t get me wrong – but what killed us at the end of the day was we had to play so many awesome lineups because Alex (Summers) and Jake (Powers) were both out and Blake (Walser) was out in the first quarter. They scored eight points on off-limits games. We just had guys in positions that they had never played before.
Wallace could take comfort in the fact that Davie passed the deficit 44-34 and took the lead, albeit briefly. A 16-5 push lifted Davie ahead 50-49. But Alexander closed Davie by hitting six straight free throws after a total of 53.
Za’Haree Maddox (19 points) and Coleman Lawhon (12) were eye-catching in the fourth quarter, the duo scoring all 16 Davie points in the final eight minutes. Lawhon made four of Davie’s seven three-pointers. Zymere Hudson had 13 points, Walser four, Jackson Powers three and Tate Carney two.
The free throw line was the deciding factor. While AC (1-1) went to 17-24 on the board, Davie (1-1) only attempted three free kicks.
Davie 56, S. Iredell 48
South Iredell beat Alexander Central by threes, but the Vikings couldn’t handle a Davie team that hosted Jake Powers on December 1.
Hudson, Maddox and Jake Powers set the tone in a 16-7 opening quarter, and the War Eagles had no trouble securing the road victory.
“They play man-to-man against everyone from what I saw, but they couldn’t protect us man-to-man,” Wallace said. “They changed for an area. They try to run but we’re really good at running. We may not see a man-to-man defense all year round.
Maddox (16 points) and Hudson (15) scored just around their averages, and Jake Powers provided a spark with 11. Davie got six from Walser, three each from Carney and Lawhon and two from Landon King.
“Jake is giving us 10 to 15 points,” Wallace said. “We beat Alexander Central with Jake. We were passed by Alexander Central and Jake could be our best rebounder. He played the whole game except the last minute.
Hayden Williams’ long road back finally came to an end as he entered the game in the fourth quarter. He missed his entire first year with injury, and another injury forced the second-year goaltender to miss the first two games of the season.
South fell to 1-2.
Davie 59, C. Davidson 38
The War Eagles passed one pass after another in a dominating victory in the home opener on December 3. Hudson has apparently always been the beneficiary of these passes.
“It’s because he’s a really good cutter,” said Wallace of Hudson, who has scored 20 points for the second time in four games. “He knows where to go. He knows how to space the ground and he cuts at the right time.
The War Eagles were behind 8-6 before dropping eight straight points to the Spartans. Maddox stepped in and gave a blind pass to Hudson for a layup. Jake Powers controlled an offensive rebound and converted an incredible ball shot under the basket. Possession saw the ball pass from Lawhon to Jake Powers in Hudson, who scored below. Then a Maddox steal resulted in a fumble layup.
Davie later scored seven straight goals as Maddox hit a float, Walser scored from a drive and Jake Powers scored from a fold to give Davie a 21-10 lead.
Carney had his fingerprints all over the next big stretch for Davie. He had eight points and two assists in a 12-3 streak. Carney’s steal led to two successful free throws. He grabbed a rebound and hit Hudson on the counterattack. He buried a 3. He fed Jackson Powers for a little sweater. He drove, suffered a foul and scored to give Davie the lead 33-15. The plant never recovered.
“In every game except for Alexander Central, there was a period in the game where something really good was going on with him,” Wallace said of Carney. “He’ll hit a 3, he’ll run the ground, and he’ll get a bucket.”
Hudson did his damage on 9 of 13 shots, and he added four assists and four steals. After scoring five points in three games, Jackson Powers scored 11 points on 4 of 6 shots. Maddox had 10 points and three steals. Carney had eight points and three assists. Jake Powers had eight points, eight rebounds and four assists. And Walser had two points, seven rebounds and three assists as Davie improved to 3-1.
Jackson Powers’ first significant offensive performance included a 3.
“I’m glad he was able to get into a 3 and make that,” Wallace said of the 6-5, 235-pound rookie. “He’s a very good shot. He’s just a good basketball player.
Notes: Central fell to 2-2 after winning their previous two games. … Although Davie missed 20 of 24 3-pointers against Central, he shot 61% on two-pointers (21-34). … Strong defense allowed Davie to attempt 22 more shots than Central, who had 15 of 36 from the floor.