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Profit & Purpose launches technology consulting and

BEND, Ore., November 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Profit and objective, a goal-driven technology consulting and procurement services startup based in Bend, Oregon, today launched its P&P Services, which enable businesses and nonprofits to transform a party from their current technology and business expenses into recurring donations for their favorite charities without any increase in expenses. Profit & Purpose is also optimizing technology services to lower costs for clients, while improving the culture to drive growth through better recruitment, retention and productivity.

“Companies around the world are already spending billions of dollars on unavoidable technology and business services spending,” said Cristina Morales, CEO and co-founder of Profit & Purpose. “We advise our clients how to consciously procure these services through our specialized brokerage in order to redirect part of these fixed costs to their community partners. “

P&P services enable businesses to have a single, mission-aligned procurement partner for cloud services, software, hardware, payment processing, telecommunications, energy and security for over 1,000 suppliers and save an average of 10 to 50%, which in turn increases the bottom line. In addition to increasing bottom-line profits, Profit & Purpose makes guaranteed recurring donations for every product or service purchased to company-preferred causes, while businesses maintain control over the suppliers and services they use. There are no service fees or hidden costs – Profit & Purpose is compensated by technology service providers.

P&P services include:

P&P profit: Profit & Purpose Consultants bring together technology and business requirements, research the best solutions, and review all vendors, which are approved by customers. All technological services are optimized in terms of efficiency and cost.

P&P objective: The Profit & Purpose team helps negotiate contracts with vendors to create new flows of recurring donations to the client’s nonprofit impact partners.

P&P Growth: Profit & Purpose works with the client’s sales leadership team to develop content strategies and assets to effectively communicate increased business goal-driven engagement, which positively impacts recruiting, retention and productivity.

“We enable businesses to make a greater difference by optimizing their infrastructure, so that giving becomes a part of the heart of their business,” said Jamie Bianchini, COO of Profit & Purpose. “Our approach offers more cohesive giving to their community partners, a deeper goal-oriented culture within the company and more benefits for stakeholders. “

Why goal-oriented businesses thrive

Research shows that goal-oriented brands have higher customer loyalty and more motivated employees. A Objective Study conducted by Cone found that 79% of consumers said they were more loyal to goal-oriented brands. In that same study, 74% of LinkedIn members surveyed said they highly value finding work with purpose. As companies vie for top talent in today’s competitive job market, RealWealth Network, a real estate investment group that helps its members acquire cash-generating income properties, uses their engagement with Profit & Purpose to foster an optimal culture for recruitment, retention, productivity and growth.

“Increasing bottom line profits while creating a recurring flow of donations to our community partners seemed too good to be true, but Profit & Purpose delivered on its promise,” said Kathy Fettke, co-CEO of RealWealth Network, a client of Profit & Purpose. “RealWealth has been a business since its inception, donating 10% of its net profits to charities like Habitat for Humanity and Operation Smile. But profits fluctuate across businesses, so we were drawn to the consistency of donations related to fixed costs. Knowing that we will be able to give consistently regardless of our profits is amazing! “

Profit & Purpose began by saving RealWealth 48% per year on technology services, while also creating a recurring donation stream of $ 500 to its nonprofit partner Operation Smile. Search by Bain & Company found that the productivity level of an employee who is truly inspired by their company’s goal is 225%. Profit & Purpose services also reinforce the corporate culture. Once RealWealth’s goal-driven service was live, Profit & Purpose worked with the RealWealth leadership team to create visual assets to communicate goal-driven engagement to their team.

“We presented the launch of our first dedicated business service at our quarterly meeting,” said Rich Fettke, Co-CEO of RealWealth Network. “We launched the new service with the message ‘Every phone call supports our mission.’ Our team was enthusiastic and the morale of our company has visibly improved. Everyone is excited to continue to roll out more key business services like video conferencing, electronic signature, email, and more.

Inspiration for profit and purpose

Profit & Purpose was born from co-founder Jamie Bianchini Peace pedals project, which included an 8-year cycling tour in 81 countries and launched 11 charitable projects in the fields of transport, health and education. During the tour, Jamie needed a long-term fundraising plan in order to invite strangers to join him in the backseat of his tandem. He landed 40 corporate sponsors who donated bikes, outdoor equipment, insurance and more. But one company, Silicon Valley startup Aceva Technologies, bought its technology services from Peace Pedalers, which redirected some of its monthly spending to help fund the Peace Pedalers Project for many years.

Jamie Bianchini and Cristina Morales met during the Peace Pedalers tour in Argentina in 2009 and got married in 2011 at the end of the tour. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Cristina saw that businesses needed innovative ways to continue supporting communities in need and founded Profit & Purpose using the same recurring funding model and expanding it so that all company can redirect a portion of its technology service spending toward helping solve the most difficult social and environmental problems we face around the world.

About Profit & Goal

Profit & Purpose is a technology consulting and sourcing company focused on the unique needs of goal-oriented businesses. Customers benefit from reducing their recurring technology spend by 10-50% and redirecting a portion of current spending to charities of the customer’s choice at no additional cost. Located in Bend, Oregon, Profit & Purpose’s vision is to positively impact the world by utilizing the spend of existing business services while helping motivated customers increase their profits, goal and growth. For more information or to book a 15-minute discovery call with a consultant, visit www.ProfitPurpose.org.

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