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PS Plus December 2021 exciting free games leak and reveal date

The December 2021 PS Plus free games reveal date is approaching, and a new leak has completely erased our predictions.

November has been a great month for PlayStation Store as the Black Friday sale is currently active. It lasts until November 29 and brings you dozens of amazing games to buy at lower prices, such as guardians of the galaxy, Psychonuats 2, and Death loop.

While there are plenty of great experiences you can buy for less, the good news is that Sony will be giving away pre-Christmas gifts.

Deadly shell: the virtuous circle | Launch trailer |



Deadly shell: the virtuous circle | Launch trailer |





When will the free PS Plus games for December 2021 be announced?

The December 2021 PS Plus free games reveal and announcement date is expected to be December 1.

Sony is still announcing upcoming lineup in the final week before the giveaways release. This usually happens on a Wednesday, so December 1 should be the announcement date with headlines officially confirmed for the 7th.

It’s possible that the games will be announced on November 29 or 30, as Sony has occasionally pulled the curtain aside Monday and Tuesday, but that’s rare rather than the norm.

PS Plus December 2021 Leaks

Leaks suggest December 2021 PS Plus free games are the fall of god exclusively for PS5 with Deadly shell and Lego DC supervillains for both generations of consoles.

There was a rumor that Celestial bodies would be the exclusive PS5 since its release date is December 7th. In addition, it is still not available for pre-order on the PSN store.

However, the new delelabs leak suggests that we are getting Godfall, Mortal Shell, and DC supervillains. Even if the fall of god is pretty average, Deadly shell is one of the best soul type games available that is not Nioh.

And, if you are a FromSoftware fan who has never played it before, the game will definitely help you pass the time while waiting for the launch of Ancient ring.

Delelabs has already accurately disclosed the PS Plus games, but keep in mind that none of this is officially confirmed by Sony.


Our predictions included Celestial bodies exclusively for PS5 due to its release date.

When it comes to PS4 giveaways, we’ve been aiming very low and just hazarded a guess with WWE 2K20 and Untitled Goose Game. Assuming the delelabs leak was true, we were off the mark again.

It’s kinda boring like we predicted the fall of god for November, but – still – better late than never. Either way, it’s been a much better month than expected and we can’t wait to play Mortal Shell in particular.

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