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Radio 1 DJ Matt Edmondson learned to make board games with TikTok

The radio star has some interesting technical recommendations (Photo: Metro.co.uk/Keith Mayhew / SOPA Images / REX / Shutterstock)

You may know Matt Edmondson from the Radio 1 Weekend Afternoon Show, where he performs music alongside Mollie King.

But did you know that he also makes music himself?

We chatted with Superhot’s DJ, setting up his home studio and the ultimate headphones.

What is your favorite technology to use at home?

An instant boiling water tap from Quooker. it changed my life! I would never go back to a kettle. It’s amazing if you are making pasta or boiling an egg.

I have to make tea in 40 seconds, from thinking “I want a cup of tea” to having a cup of tea. I would never stay there again. Every day I wake up thinking, “I’m so lucky. This is the best thing ever.

Boiling water Quooker

He made tea a 40-second art with his boiling water tap (Photo: Quooker)

What is the best technology for kids?

I have a five-year-old, and we have a Yoto Player for her, which is an audio player for children. She enjoys listening to audiobooks. They come on these little cards that you put in the machine and that plays out the story.

She is never without! You can record your own audio on the cards, so I recorded myself reading his bedtime stories. If I’m late for work, she plays one of these.

Player Yoto

Yoto Player is an audio player specially designed for children (Photo: Yoto)

What technology might people be surprised to learn that you are a fan of?

I’m not much of a computer gamer, but I love virtual reality. I have an Oculus Quest 2, which is a wireless headset that immerses you in an immersive, three-dimensional alternate reality.

There are two games that I particularly like: Beat Saber, which is a rhythmic music game with two lightsabers, and Superhot, where you are attacked by people who can only move when you move. You end up with these amazing Matrix style slow motion moves. It is literally another world.

What is your favorite technology?

I was bored in confinement so I built a mini recording studio. I’ve always wanted to produce music without knowing anything about it. I literally had no idea but I learned. I’m using my MacBook Pro and running Logic on it, a music composition software.

Then I have an Aston Spirit microphone, KRK Rokit speakers, and Nuraphone headphones.

Everyone’s ear canal is slightly different, so these headphones send a signal through your ear canal and determine how things would sound best for you.

I thought it would be nonsense but I’ve never heard of anything like it. It is as if the sound is passing around you.

Micro Aston Spirit

The Aston Spirit is Matt’s microphone of choice (Photo: Aston)

What have you learned from technology?

I used YouTube and TikTok to learn graphics, and then I designed three board games.

One is called Ansagrams – it’s a fun word game with a countdown puzzle twist.

There’s Egg Slam, a game I invented with my daughter, which is about mixing colors, and there’s So Wrong It’s Right, which is a very silly quiz. I did all of this on my locked MacBook Pro.

What technology would you uninvent?

Awakening! It has its uses but I much prefer to wake up naturally. I’m the crankiest person in the morning. My wife calls me Matin Matt.

My five year old arrives within ten seconds of the alarm sounding and I am not in a position to be the best version of myself at this point.

Edmonson Egg Slam, Ansagrams, and So Wrong It’s Right board games now available on Amazon

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