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Rap duo BlueBucksClan release new EP and music video

Los Angeles rap’s hottest duo, BlueBucksClan, are making a royal and intimate foray with their 2022 debut project, See The Difference, complete with accompanying video now via Out The Blue Records/Capitol Records. Listen HERE. Watch the video directed by LewisYouNasty for the new title track HERE. On the four-track EP, Jeeezy and DJ remind fans that their cinematic lyrics and designer-draped lifestyle are second to none, while showing them another side of the band.

The EP opens with lead single “Valentine’s Day,” a heartless flex from behind the curtains of luxury whips as the pair unleash deadpan punchlines with abandon. “Victor Cruz” finds them listing all the expensive points from head to Gucci socks to a sparse but punchy beat. But on the title track, “See The Difference,” DJ and Jeeezy reveal their most romantic sides yet. “I don’t really have time, but I make time for you,” DJ raps. “I’m doing more…wait, but there’s no line for you.” Jeeezy follows by promising a vacation and high-end shoes: “Plan a trip, pack your bags…, ’cause we really gon’ go / Got you those Ugg boots, put on those Ricky O’s.”

The EP ends with “When We”, a lustful but tender rap ballad. Seeing the Difference is BlueBucksClan at its sharpest and most responsive, a thematic shift that’s guaranteed to turn heads. The “See The Difference” video shows what it’s like to date BlueBucksClan as they pamper their ladies with a luxurious lifestyle.

See The Difference arrives after BlueBucksClan’s 2021 landmark. Featured on “Rappers to Watch” lists for both Complex and Billboard, they delivered on that promise with last year’s Clan Virus 2. Each track featured their witty bars, outlandish boasts, and charismatic back-and-forths. Last fall, DJ and Jeeezy brought it all on the road. They toured with fellow West Coast heavyweight Bino Rideaux for his On My Soul Tour, captivating so many fans that they now have over 150 million streams in the United States alone. See The Difference will surely reach even more ears, while exposing existing fans to a more luxurious side of BlueBucksClan’s luxurious raps.

BlueBucksClan drives the LA rap renaissance forward, slowly, steadily, and mercilessly. Since breaking out in 2019, the DJ and Jeeezy duo have captivated their town with hypnotic beats, mind-blowing verbal chemistry and vivid stories of club closing while draped in designer drip. Together, these lifelong friends who met on the football field take the fierce sound of contemporary SoCal street rap and make it royal, bringing the hood to Beverly Hills. Each new cinematic song claims that these two men from tough South Los Angeles neighborhoods are getting ahead, wearing shoes that cost more than your rent, and driving foreign cars with beautiful women with shotguns.

In addition to garnering accolades from SPIN, Billboard, and Pitchfork – who called them “LA’s best duo” – BlueBucksClan was on COMPLEX’s list of “Rappers to watch in 2021” and Billboard included them on their “6 LA rappers to watch in 2021” listing. Achieving this, Clan Virus 2, is their seventh project in two years. They honed their deadpan punchlines, flamboyant swagger and charismatic back-and-forths as quickly as they expanded their wardrobes, car collections and fan base. In an age where shallow hooks take precedence over bars, BlueBucksClan brings you into their world one clever couplet at a time. With Clan Virus 2, DJ and Jeeezy once again invite fans into their luxurious universe, taking their city with them on their meteoric rise. In the United States alone, BlueBucksClan has generated over 150 million streams in the United States alone.