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Reasons why you should switch to vinyl music this year – Entertainment Focus

Vinyl records have seen a resurgence in popularity over the past decade despite the rise of music streaming services. But why should you switch to vinyl music over digital downloads this year?

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons vinyl is so popular and why you should consider switching to vinyl this year.

The vinyl has a warm, high-quality playback

Digital files are compressed when transferred between devices and over the Internet, which detracts from the nuance and depth of the music. Digital compression doesn’t happen with vinyl, so you get exceptional quality. Additionally, vinyl records have tiny physical imperfections that gently distort the sound to create that unique vinyl warmth and fullness. Nothing else is quite like vinyl and the experience of listening to your favorite music on vinyl is simply different than through any other medium.

You own the music you love

It’s amazing to have nearly unlimited tracks and albums available in the palm of your hand with streaming services, but the downside is that you don’t own any of them. If you cancel your subscription, you cannot access your tracks with annoying ads. If you switch to another service, you have to collect your favorite music collection again. If the internet is down, you can’t stream anything. With vinyl, you have hard copies of your favorite music no matter what, and if you keep your records in good condition, they’ll be yours for decades.

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You create an experience with every listen

The peaceful ritual of perusing your vinyl collection, removing the record from its sleeve, and gently putting down the needle is something streaming services can’t beat. It’s also harder to skip tracks on vinyl, encouraging you to experience an entire album from start to finish without rushing to your favorite parts. Listening to vinyl can give you a new appreciation for your favorite artists and encourage you to slow down and be present with the music.

You support artists and record stores

Streaming services allowed artists to get paid much less than they were when we could only access music through physical discs, cassettes and CDs. When you buy vinyl, the artist gets a decent royalty, and the more money they make, the better equipped they are to make more of the music you love. Plus, when you buy vinyl, you’re supporting record stores and their employees, who happen to be the perfect people to turn to if you’re looking for new music recommendations.

You discover new genres and hidden treasures

Streaming services often recommend new tracks and artists, but they rarely stray too far from the genres you listen to regularly. When you walk into a record store, you can more easily find new music completely outside of your comfort zone, which is an appealing prospect for those who enjoy discovering new sounds. With vinyl records, it doesn’t matter if you’re listening to new music or old music, both have been popular on vinyl over the years. If you are interested in discovering some of the best 80s artists of all time to listen to, you can still discover amazing music from Phil Collins, Fleetwood Mac and Prince.

Vinyl browsing also gives you the opportunity to find rare records, limited editions with unique artwork, colorful vinyl, and interesting compilation albums, such as movie soundtracks, that you will never encounter using a service. streaming. vinyl life offers an incredible variety of new and used vinyl records for music lovers to choose from, whether they’re fans of movie soundtracks or iconic bands.

Vinyl has sentimental value

There’s something special about holding hard copies of music in your hand that helps you remember when you first heard an artist, track, or album. The artwork on the cover also helps cement key albums in your mind far better than thumbnails on streaming services ever could. Vinyl has a sentimental value that digital music lacks. Plus, you can pass vinyl records on to the whole family, gift them to people you love, or display them as visual art. A vinyl collection is a tangible representation of the music that has shaped you over the years.

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