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REVIEW: Birmingham Royal Ballet Into the Music – moving minds with dance and melody

Birmingham Royal Ballet’s Autumn Triple Bill opens at Birmingham Hippodrome, traveling back in time from the Napoleonic Wars to a thrilling 21st century hotel dance drama

It was such an amazing evening Birmingham Royal Ballet opened their fall season with three exciting works – fantastically distinct – but linked to the skilful delivery of the dancers and the company’s sinfonia.

Carlos Acostathe Cuban-born director of BRB, praised the performance saying, “I am thrilled to present Into the Music, an extraordinary triple program celebrating the marriage of music and movement.”

And what a beautiful union it was – but in addition to the music there was also the film, with the second number on the triple bill providing an array of highlights as it took audiences on a journey through one of the most spectacular hotels of modern times.

The Grand Budapest Hotel and BBC thriller Crossfire showed how hotels can provide the perfect setting for intrigue. And Morgann Runacerre-Temple, in collaboration with Jess and Morgs Films, has masterfully built on that inspiration to bring a hotel thriller to life with unique dance moves alongside camera technology.

Music triple bill” height=”5760″ width=”8640″ srcset=”https://www.birminghamworld.uk/jpim-static/image/2022/10/22/15/Mathias%20Dingman%20and%20Miki%20Mizutani%20Birmingham%20Royal%20Ballet%20Forgotten%20Land%20Choreography%20Ji%C5%99%C3%AD%20Kyli%C3%A1n%2C%20Costume%20and%20Set%20Design%20John%20Macfarlane%20Photo%20credit%20Johan%20Persson%20.jpg%20%281%29.jpg?quality=65&smart&width=320 320w, https://www.birminghamworld.uk/jpim-static/image/2022/10/22/15/Mathias%20Dingman%20and%20Miki%20Mizutani%20Birmingham%20Royal%20Ballet%20Forgotten%20Land%20Choreography%20Ji%C5%99%C3%AD%20Kyli%C3%A1n%2C%20Costume%20and%20Set%20Design%20John%20Macfarlane%20Photo%20credit%20Johan%20Persson%20.jpg%20%281%29.jpg?quality=65&smart&width=640 640w” layout=”intrinsic” class=”i-amphtml-layout-intrinsic i-amphtml-layout-size-defined” i-amphtml-layout=”intrinsic”>
Mathias Dingman and Miki Mizutani Birmingham Royal Ballet Forgotten Land for Into the Music triple bill

A ripple of laughter erupted around the theater in the closing scenes as unidentified beings took over the stage. The ballet was performed to a new score by world-renowned composer Mikael Karlosson and draws on jazz, gospel and classical traditions – with plenty of rhythm and playfulness.

The night started with the very beautiful Forgotten Land, with the music of Benjamin Britten. The dancers glided across the stage creating magical moments through accomplished movement with melodies that blend into the theatre.

The final ballet took us back to the Napoleonic wars through Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7 in 1811/12. The German composer believed Napoleon’s defeat against Russia was imminent as he oscillated between the awareness of his incurable deafness and the intense affection that drove him to write his love letter “To the Eternal Beloved”. .

The ballet was a veritable feast of dance, brilliantly affirming the most marvelous marriage of movement and music and a breathtaking finale to a magnificent evening.

Matilde Rodrigues Birmingham Royal Ballet Hotel for the triple program Into the Music

Into the Music takes place at Birmingham Hippodrome until Saturday 22nd October, then moves to Sadler’s Wells from Wednesday 2nd November to Saturday 5th November. BRB occurs Copelia at Birmingham Hippodrome from Wednesday 26 October to Saturday 29 October.

The company’s famous favorite festival The Nutcracker runs at Birmingham Hippodrome from Saturday 19 November to Saturday 10 December. It will be performed at the Royal Albert Hall from Wednesday December 28 to Saturday December 31.

Birmingham Royal Ballet The Seventh Symphony Choreography and Design at Birmingham Hippodrome for Into the Music triple bill

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