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I’m not dumb enough to believe we’re the only intelligent beings in this universe. However, I am not a conspiracy nut either. Therefore, I don’t believe aliens walk among us, do I? Instead, I believe that somewhere in space there are beings doing their thing. Cyberhive plays with this idea when exploring unexplored areas of space.

Developped by Blazing Planet Studio and published by Samustai Ltd, it is a sci-fi adventure colony builder. On top of that, it has resource management, research, and rogue-lite elements. Therefore, it is a tactical game that requires you to plan ahead while spinning many plates.

Cyberhive is deceptively simple.

As you begin Cyberhive, you would be excused for feeling overwhelmed. Dumping login data is a nightmare and can be extremely off-putting. Yet, I urge you to fight the pain. Why? Because it’s not nearly as complex as it looks. In fact, as you get more familiar with it, it quickly becomes an enjoyable and manageable experience.

Cyberhive has a loose plot that includes several events and many sub-plots. You are the commander of the Melistar (“The Star Bee”). This ship is home to a queen bee and her army of workers. Their job is to survive, grow and thrive. But the discovery of an ancient artifact gives more meaning to their lives. With a mission to undertake, the colony travels the universe, battles adversaries and makes new allies.

Be wise and put those bees to work.

It’s all about resources.

The basic concept is as simple as possible. Indeed, you must manage resources to expand your colony. However, you must balance growth with nourishment. If you run out of food (energy gel), it’s game over! Also, the bigger your colony, the more resources you need to have. Therefore, it is a tricky balancing act that you will repeatedly fall into. To survive and grow, you need to research biomaterials, spare parts, crystals and energy gels.

Each of these elements is key to your success. The biomaterial is used to research an array of technologies. While spare parts improve your ship. Both are important because they improve your hive’s productivity and efficiency. Finally, crystals and energy gels are intrinsically linked. Without crystals you can’t produce food, and without food your bees will die and that’s it.

Like I said, it’s a fine line between progress and survival. Thereafter, every plan must be considered and every bet is a risk. Yet with great risk comes huge rewards. As a result, you sometimes have to throw caution to the wind if you wish to succeed.

Many aliens and many events.

What’s so fascinating about Cyberhive is its nonlinear plot. With many branches in this interesting story, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment. This is then complemented by a large amount of events to enjoy and plenty of aliens to encounter.

The aforementioned resources are mined, scavenged, or stolen during each of the events. You have to send worker bees to derelict ships, asteroids, etc. Along with this you will rescue refugees, transport goods or become a pirate. Whatever you decide, you have to live with the consequences. Sometimes the impact is felt immediately, and other times the slow-burning ramifications manifest in revenge attacks from tricked-out aliens.

Speaking of aliens, there are so many that I can’t remember them all. Most of these greedy assholes only care about surviving. Unfortunately, this somewhat undermines your mission. I mean, how can you find secret artifacts and fool people if they only care about themselves? Unfortunately, these selfish beings are hostile and all-out war is the result.

This is represented by a basic mini-game. Your enemy’s fire rockets are heading towards your ship and you have to blast them. Sounds simple, right? Well, it is, but there are a few tactical things to remember. The more bees you have present in the barracks, the more missiles you have to shoot. Also, the more bees in the feeding room, the stronger your shields will be. However, placing your workers in these areas is not always a good idea. If they sit idle waiting for a battle, they cannot gather resources. Therefore, you must judge when to hunt for goods or when to prepare to fight.

Cyberhive is a simple matter of pixels.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. The graphics don’t make the game! Cyberhive is not a title that looks modern or refined. Instead, it’s a simple pixel affair that works beautifully with the theme. Its fixed screen perspective and excellent user interface are pleasing to the eye. Plus, I loved the rich and varied colors that add to the Sci-fi vibe.

The futuristic and alien ideas continue with the small electronic sound. This dated but effective approach is reminiscent of the space-inspired TV shows of the 80s. With its camp spirit and cliché style, it was both brilliant and absurd.

Make sure to mine all the resources to strengthen your hive.
Exploit these resources and strengthen your hive.

Simple commands.

Although the initial data dump is daunting, the simple controls make it easy to read. With well-labeled, single-use buttons, you’ll know exactly what you’re doing. Also, although the tutorial is somewhat confusing, it explains the basics well.

Longevity and replay value are fundamental principles of Cyberhive. Thanks to its non-linear story and masses of events, the action stays fresh. On top of that, the rogue-lite element adds a layer of risk that keeps you on your toes throughout.

Cyberhive is a brilliant indie title.

My opening experience with Cyberhive should have stopped me from continuing. Its poorly executed data dump is off-putting and just plain ridiculous. However, a little patience made all the difference. By giving it a chance and working on the opening, I discovered a brilliant indie title. It’s tactically wonderful, includes fascinating lore, interesting events, and the aliens are imaginative and gross. Plus, it oozes originality while testing you to your limits. Afterwards, I loved it and I recommend you buy it here! Can you expand your colony and balance the welfare of your creatures? Gather resources, upgrade your technology and find all secret artifacts.