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Review: No Straight Roads: Encore Edition

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Sometimes you have the feeling that you are about to play something special. No straight roads: Encore edition is available on Windows PC. It is a very varied action-adventure game. Metronomik developed NSR. Which includes two developers of Final Fantasy XV. Considering the quality of this game, NSR has a lot going for it. And it does it well.

NSR plot

The NSR rules Vinyl City, they control the power. It’s a bit like Monsters Inc, where music, not screaming, fuels the city. That sounds great until you learn that only one genre of music is welcome: EDM. You play as Bunk Bed Junction, a band made up of Mayday, a guitarist, and Duke, a drummer. Their goal is to save Vinyl city from the grip of NSR and EDM. By reintroducing the city to Rock, which was present many years ago.

NSR gameplay

NSR: rap battle

Each zone has a DJ boss, who you must defeat using the game’s unique combat system. They telegraph their attack moves via the music playing. As well as graphic indicators. You can also counter specific attacks if they are pink. For this reason, it makes every encounter exciting and not a drag. In fact, most of the time you look forward to the next one.

Between boss fights, you’ll explore neighborhoods. As you explore, you may find stickers. Stickers are then added to the instruments. These stickers improve various stats. There is graffiti on the walls of neighborhoods made by fans. Fan art can decorate your guitar case. There are over 200 models, and I randomized my case to be different each time. It’s a cool collector’s item and each design is very unique. The only downside is that there is no indicator to know if you’ve already collected one, so it’s easy to miss a couple or two.

Between the neighborhood and the boss fight, you face the boss’s minions. Unfortunately, this is where the game breaks down. It’s a pretty boring part of the game as enemies telegraph their attacks and you can beat them. The blessing is that these areas are short.

Presentation of the RSN

One of the many characters

NSR: Encore edition has a nice design. The environments are dynamic and different for each neighborhood. The characters are cartoonish and do not have jagged edges. Because of this style, I never see him getting old. Each character has a crazy design and reflects their personality. Even the secondary characters have unique designs.

The main focus of NSR is music. The music is excellent and varied. Although the main style is EDM, it’s fun to listen to. I see myself listening to the soundtrack for many hours and added it to my goto playlist. I hope there will be a sequel soon where there will be more variety of genres. rock vs another genre? The possibilities are limitless.


Kliff helpful

Each boss fight ends with a note. The higher the rating, the more fans you receive. The fans are then used to improve your abilities. It’s worth going back to previous bosses and trying to improve your rating. Once you’ve beaten a boss once, it becomes easier to come up with a strategy to get better grades.

There is also a co-op mode, where you can each play as Duke or Mayday. I didn’t have a lot of co-op experience. But I can imagine it would be great to come to the end and experience the story with another player. It would be a title that I would play with my son in the future.

Final verdict

The base

NSR was a pleasure to play. I couldn’t stop playing and it was very optimistic. It’s a great title to play when you’re having a bad day. Enemies never feel bossy. Light music adds to the cheerful play. For this and many others, No Straight Roads: Encore Edition gets a well-deserved 9 out of 10. Now if you don’t mind, I’ll play some more.

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