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Riot Games teases “emo band” for upcoming music project

Riot recently teased the creation of an “emo band” after their successful musical projects. This will follow incredible releases such as K/DA, Pentakill and True Damage. After putting their efforts into metal, k-pop, and hip-hop, they will now tackle “emo” for their musical journey.

People showed interest due to a timely “vibe check” by Riot Games Music’s Twitter. It quickly went viral within the League community.

Riot Games tweeted the same day they announced the big music festival called “When We Were Young”. The festival features many old school bands, headlined by My Chemical Romance and Paramore. that people would be familiar with their teenage anxieties. Most League players grew up with this type of music as they were almost the same generation when the League debuted.

Riot still has this annual music project that they create. Last year was Pentakill’s third album, tied to the Viego release. Fans are also waiting for another appearance from Akali as she was popular with K/DA and True Damage. No wonder Riot released the group around October 22, 2022, the day of the festival.

Some members of the League community are already predicting who will join the group. Vex would surely get the top pick since she’s designed to be “emo”. Honorable mentions would be Aphelios due to his boyish appearance with swept bangs. Another perfect consideration would be the saddest boy of all, Amumu, The Sad Mummy. The last would be Morgana as she had an angsty vibe about her.

The community is surely excited for this if it succeeds. Riot Games Music hasn’t confirmed this, but with the overwhelming positive feedback, they will strongly consider doing so. For the moment, the musical project of the emo group of League of Legends is only an idea. Let’s see where this vibe check takes us.

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