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Sandra Oh prefers working on all-female film and TV projects

Sandra Oh points out that her very different March 2022 projects — Turning Red, Umma, and Killing Eve season 4 — all have female-led creative teams.

Sandra Oh, who stars in the upcoming Pixar animated film turn red, says she prefers working on movies and TV shows with all-female creative teams. The Canadian actor, perhaps best known for his long career in Grey’s Anatomy from 2005 to 2014, looks set to mark 2022 in earnest this month, appearing in three separate projects that will all at least partially release in March. Notably, all three – those mentioned above turn redthe newly announced Ouma movie, and the course Kill Eve season 4 – are surprisingly different from each other.

Kill Eve season 4 will conclude the acclaimed BBC spy thriller, in which Oh stars alongside Jodie Comer, after a run that began in 2018. Ouma, meanwhile, will see the actor step into outright horror, drawing on his Korean heritage to play an immigrant seemingly haunted by the ghost of his own estranged mother. These two elements are strongly opposed by turn reda family coming-of-age story set in early 2000s Toronto, in which Oh voices the (non-evil) mother of protagonist Mei.


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As different as they seem, however, Oh notes one key similarity that drew her to them in the first place. Talk to Variety at the premiere of turn red, she points out that her current slate of projects is characterized by creative teams led by women, both behind the camera and in the writers’ rooms. Oh says it’s been her favorite way to operate throughout her career, and she’s enjoyed championing the two movies and a TV series that will hit audiences this month. Check out his full statement below:

Hmm, Kill Eve, turn redand Ouma, I would say this, that’s how I like to work now: all women. All the women leading, all the women writing a bit, and it was like, it’s awesome. It’s great for me, it’s who I’ve worked with most of my career, and I really like to continue doing it.

GETTING RED - mei lee & ming

While Oh maintains her commitment to working with female creators has been a driving force throughout her career in film and television, this string of releases in 2022 surely reflects an evolving industry’s willingness to share her beliefs. . In effect, turn red even broke new ground at Pixar, becoming the revered animation studio’s first film to be directed solo by a woman, after Brenda Chapman co-directed 2012 Brave. Kill Eve is notable for having a different woman as showrunner for each season, and Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Emerald Fennell, who respectively directed Kill Eve seasons 1 and 2, have become increasingly powerful forces behind the camera.

Both Turning Red and Ouma are also evidence of a greater push for diversity on screen, sports stories that draw on Chinese and Korean heritage respectively. Both developments are a thrilling rebuttal to the idea that Hollywood has exhausted its capacity for original storytelling, and a sign that studios are learning from surprise mega-hits like boobies rich asian. Moreover, if the Turning Red early reviews are any indication this diversity should uncover a significant well of talented filmmakers untapped for decades.

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Source: Variety

  • Going Red (2022)Release date: March 11, 2022
  • Ouma (2022)Release date: March 18, 2022

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