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Sixes Cricket Gets Unparalleled Culinary Experience in the UK with Leading Technology Partners

TheFork and SevenRooms partnership is transforming the booking services and customer experiences of Sixes Cricket.

Newly launched cricket-themed restaurant group Sixes Cricket has announced that it is one of the first restaurateurs in the UK to benefit from the historic partnership between TheFork, Tripadvisor’s leading online restaurant reservation platform. Media Group and SevenRooms, a customer experience and retention platform for the hospitality industry. Sixes Cricket’s integration of the new technology resulting from the partnership will increase the operator’s online bookings at its three locations, while allowing seamless management of its hospitality experiences and customers.

As a result of this partnership, Sixes Cricket benefits from SevenRooms’ data-driven marketing automation and site management platform while simultaneously tapping into TheFork’s vast consumer reservation network of millions of diners. This helps the operator to fill seats and acquire new customers at its restaurants Fitzrovia, Fulham and Manchester. Combined, these innovative tools help operators like Sixes develop stronger customer relationships and deliver the types of exceptional onsite experiences that turn new customers into repeat visitors.

Sixes restaurants offer all-day dining as well as batting nets for all ages and abilities to test their skills against the operator’s advanced Batfast technology in a fun and social setting. The restaurants serve a menu inspired by the greatest elements of British Gastropub culture, presented in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. A strong passion for craft spirits and classic cocktails adds the finishing touch to a guest’s uniquely British Sixes experience.

Roxy Chreptowicz, Reservations and Events Manager at Sixes Cricket, says: “We are delighted to celebrate the return to catering and to have launched Sixes Cricket at such an exciting time for the industry. The concept of Sixes turns the traditional dining experience upside down, and we are therefore proud to have been one of the first in the UK to benefit from this truly innovative and disruptive collaboration between TheFork and SevenRooms. We take great pride in ensuring that every customer has an unforgettable experience at Sixes and through our partnership with TheFork and SevenRooms we are able to further improve this, reach new customers and bring customers back to the stick over and over again.

Patrick Hooykaas, Regional Director, TheFork, says: “Innovation and agility being an integral part of our DNA, we are proud to partner with Sixes, an operator who is driving the restaurant industry forward. With evolution comes the need for ever more advanced tools and solutions to meet the ever-changing needs and desires of diners. As one of the very first operators to take advantage of our industry-leading shared offering, combining our extensive restaurant base with the data-driven site management and marketing automation capabilities of SevenRooms, Sixes will be without a doubt. doubt able to face this recovery period head-on. . “

Danilo Mangano, Managing Director Europe of SevenRooms says: “We are delighted to bring our new technology to such an innovative and forward-thinking brand as Sixes Cricket. Thanks to our historic partnership with TheFork, Sixes will be able to reach new and existing diners where they wish to book, benefiting from the most open and connected facade technology on the market. Our partnership with TheFork was set up specifically for operators like Sixes Cricket: we strive to help restaurants create holistic and memorable customer experiences for their diners, fill more seats and solidify as leaders. of industry through technology.

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