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Sting Reportedly Considering Over $ 250 Million Catalog Sale Amid IP Music Boom


Sting live. Photo credit: Raph_PH

Following reports that Bruce Springsteen and the David Bowie estate are negotiating multi-million dollar catalog sales, Sting, 70, is now looking to cash in on his own musical intellectual property, sources say.

The announcement of a possible Bruce Springsteen catalog sale emerged in early November, following comments from anonymous sources with knowledge of the matter. Springsteen, a New Jersey native, 72, said the people are in talks to sell their recording and publishing catalogs under a deal with Sony Music, which bought Paul Simon IP earlier. this year and has not publicly addressed the Springsteen negotiations. so far.

Additionally, the David Bowie Estate, after signing a “historic, career-wide partnership” with Warner Music Group in September, is now purchasing the artist’s catalog of “Modern Love” compositions, anonymous sources claim once again. . These sellers are said to be looking for a $ 200 million windfall for the entire work, and Warner Music has rolled out over half a billion dollars in senior notes this week.

Now, as stated at the start, Sting has reportedly added his name to the growing list of artists looking for catalog-related deals.

Former police frontman Sting, who is set to release his 15th studio album tomorrow, is in “advanced talks” to sell his publishing catalog to UMPG (which grabbed Bob Dylan’s catalog despite massive competing offers ) or Sony Music Publishing, depending on Variety. The deal could reach the north of a quarter of a billion dollars, according to the same source, and could also include part of Sting’s recorded catalog as a solo artist.

But neither Sting (who recently closed a Las Vegas residency and will launch another such effort in June 2022) nor potential buyers have publicly commented on the matter so far, and it will be interesting to see when (and if) a deal comes to fruition.

Keeping in mind Sting’s catalog selling discussions as well as those of Springsteen and the Bowie Estate, it’s worth pointing out here that late 2020 and early 2021 delivered all kinds of IP transactions – with a particular focus on the window mid-November to mid-January. Apparently keeping the trend in 2021, Reservoir has now taken an interest in the catalog of producer and composer Dallas Austin.

In today’s trading hours, the latest music company, which recorded a 45% year-over-year increase in second-quarter revenue as a publicly traded company, fell 3.91 %, for a price per share of $ 8.35. Hipgnosis (LON: SONG) shares, on the other hand, had a small gain and ended at around $ 1.74 each, while Round Hill’s royalty fund (LON: RHM) was essentially flat, at 1.74. $ 08 per share.