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Sydney Concert Hall and Watering Place Lansdowne Hotel Saved

In February, tragic news broke at this downtown music venue and watering hole The Lansdowne had to close. The owner was looking to convert more space into hostel accommodation and with this news, the team behind the bar and the musical side of things, Marys Group decided to stop there.

Roll over in mid-May and we have some very good news that the team behind Oxford Arts Factory have jumped in to save the place and continue its legacy as a music venue and friendly pub for all.

Those watching closely would have noted that although the concerts were supposed to end at the end of April, the shows continued until May, raising hopes that it was not over. Today’s news confirmed this with Oxford Art Factory founder and CEO Mark Gerber saying;

“Oxford Art Factory can confirm the rumours. We are pleased to announce that we have agreed with the owners to shelve any plans which may see the demise of this iconic venue in the Sydney and Australian music and arts scene. »,

“Music and art can never die. They make us stronger and live longer! Sydney no longer needs to lose concert halls; he has suffered enough. Lockdown and COVID-19 laws have severely affected a once thriving and bustling nightlife, and I wasn’t going to let another music venue fall by the wayside – not on my watch! »

Gerber added more exciting news in a statement that the venue will be refreshed with some ongoing renovations.

Even better, to celebrate the news, a ‘Rejuve(nation)’ party will take place on Saturday June 25th. The gig will run for 12 hours from 5 p.m. to 5 a.m. and feature a stack of local bands and DJs.

How good…also the word on the street is that Marys Group is looking to take over Holy Moly in Newtown and turn it into a live music venue. Fingers crossed for more good news.