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The 10 Best Video Game Mounts

Although their popularity has grown alongside the influx of modern open-world RPGs, mountable mounts have been a staple in gaming for decades. Some Famous Examples are only usable in certain parts of the games and grant the player character access to unique combat abilities. Others are constant workhorses that carry players’ gear and help them move around the playing area faster.

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Either way, the best mounts in the game leave an impression on players. Although most of them can’t speak or communicate, many still play an important narrative role in their stories and help deliver emotional story beats that stick around long after the end credits roll.


Bagpipes (Pokemon X and Y)

Rhyhorn from the Pokémon animated series

Several frustrating shots in the Pokemon the franchise needs to change, but the one Game Freak recently rested with is straight, static paths. When Pokemon X and Yes brought the games to 3D, it also expanded the map and provided visually more exciting areas to wander around.

Along with the traversal changes came the very first rideable Pokemon. There are five in total, but Rhyhorn is the first that can be freely controlled. This addition did a lot to sell the idea that humans and Pokemon interact in more than just battles.

Agro (Shadow Of The Colossus)

Shadow of the Agro Colossus

The shadow of the colossus features several sad moments that are among the most tragic cutscenes in video games, and even Agro the horse is the source of a major teardrop. Agro isn’t just a sidekick to The Wanderer; he’s also a vital part of his battle strategy as he attempts to take down the titular massive creatures.

Unfortunately for Agro fans, this faithful steed’s most heroic act was self-sacrifice. Before confronting the final colossus, Agro failed to cross a collapsing bridge. In its final moments, one last dollar threw The Wanderer the rest of the way to safety.

Griffin (Guild Wars 2)

Guild Wars 2 Griffin

Beyond their appearance, rise in Guild Wars 2 are notable for being incorporated into the game in a more meaningful way than commonly seen elsewhere. They don’t just allow players to move around the map faster; several areas are designed to be traversed only on specific media and are otherwise inaccessible.

The Griffon is a particularly popular choice due to its gliding ability. Although he cannot fly in the traditional sense, he can maintain the altitude at which he starts. After beating the Path of Fire storyline, players can find this majestic beast in the Crystal Desert.

Shadowmere (Skyrim)

Skyrim How to get Shadowmere

Skyrim is packed with several hidden locations, and some of them may seem impossible to reach until players find the right mount. Horses are very common throughout the game, but Shadowmere is one of the most useful.

Players can obtain this jet black horse after completing the quest “A Cure for Madness”. Shadowmare’s most obvious advantage is that he’s faster than any other steed in the game, but his added advantage is easier to miss. Shadowmere can climb hills too steep for other horses and people traveling on foot.

Mountain Lord (Breath of the Wild)

Breath Wild Lord Mountain Name Satori Satoru Iwata Reference

Link can ride multiple horses The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but The Lord of the Mountain features a unique look. He looks like the Blupees, who themselves look like owl/rabbit hybrids, but the Lord of the Mountain has the legs and body of a horse. Link can ride Lord of the Mountain, but it cannot be kept in a stable.

There is no clear answer in-game as to the origin of this spirit entity, but the results indicate that it may be the spirit of someone who died on Satori Mountain, where is the creature.

Rambi (Donkey Kong Country)

Donkey Kong Country Diddy Kong Ramby

Unsurprisingly, the donkey kong country The franchise features a wide cast of animal characters alongside the titular ape family. While some of them are more humanized, others remain closer to their real-world animal counterparts. Rambi the rhinoceros is one such animal that acts as a mount that Donkey Kong can ride and has the ability to damage enemies and break down vulnerable walls.

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Since its first introduction, Rambi has appeared or been referenced in over a dozen games, including Super Smash Bros., Mario Kartand Mario Kingdom Battle + Rabbids.

Nobu/Sora/Kage (the ghost of Tsushima)

Tsushima Ghost Horse

Ghost of Tsushima is a PlayStation-exclusive cinematic action game that has won critical and commercial acclaim for its tight gameplay, stunning visuals, and gripping story. The island of Tsushima in the game’s open world means players travel significant distances frequently, and Jin’s horse is one of his only trusty companions and a valuable tool for travel.

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Players can select the horse’s color and name from various options, though none of them affect the horse’s abilities or performance. There are a few other horses players use throughout the game, but it’s hard for some to move on after spending so much time with Nobu, Sora, or Kage.

Roach (The Witcher 3)

Geralt of Rivia and Roach in The Witcher 3

Roach only appears by indirect reference and images in the first two Witcher games, but Geralt’s dependable mare plays a vital role throughout The Witcher 3. Geralt is a man who prefers to keep his company sparse, so Roach is often the only one around to help him along his journey.

In addition to Roach being the subject of many memorable glitches in the witcher series, some players may not realize that Roach is not a particular horse; rather, it is the name Geralt gives to all his horses when they accompany him.

Yoshi (Super Mario World)

Yoshi stands alongside Toad and a star in Mario Party Superstars

Yoshi is the only mount so popular that he became a main character in his own games. Fans were first introduced to this character in Super Mario Worldin which he was a fellow traveler for Mario.

Along with granting Mario increased mobility, Yoshi is also famous for his frog-like tongue which can be used to grab objects and enemies. In addition to his own games, Yoshi has remained popular by starring in successful crossover franchises such as Super Smash Bros.. and Mario Kart.

Epona (Ocarina of Time)

The Legend of Zelda The franchise has introduced players to several memorable characters, but Epona has appeared in more games than most. She first appeared in Ocarina of time and went on to be part of most of the great The Legend of Zelda securities.

Epona doesn’t have any particularly unique visual design abilities or qualities, but she’s been a constant companion for Link in a series that’s often subject to dramatic narrative shifts. Epona also appears in Brawl Super Smash Bros. in the form of a sticker and a trophy to unlock.

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