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The 5 Best Kirby Games of All Time, According to Metacritic

The year 2022 is all about Kirby as nintendo celebrates the 30th anniversary of its beloved pink puffball hero. HAL Labs gave Kirby its debut in 1992 with Kirby’s Dreamlanda five-level platformer on the original Game Boy. Since then, Kirby has worked his way through dozens of other installments and into the hearts of Nintendo fans everywhere. Here are the five best Kirby games of all time, based on their Metacritic scores.

Actor Peyton List stands with a statue of Kirby. | Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for Nintendo of America

Kirby: Canvas Curse (Nintendo DS, 2005) – Metascore 86

The best Kirby game on Metacritic is the 2005 Nintendo DS game Kirby: Curse of the Webwho had a Metascore of 86. This colorful platformer departed from traditional Kirby titles by requiring the player to use only the Nintendo DS stylus to control Kirby rather than buttons and d-pads. Each stroke of the stylus created a rainbow path for Kirby to follow to his destination.

“This is clearly the best DS game currently available and a good demonstration of the quality of a DS game when using all of its features,” VGPub said. Kirby: Curse of the Web review reads on Metacritic.

Kirby’s Epic Thread (Wii, 2010) – 86

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The 2010 Wii game Kirby’s Epic Yarn tied for first place with another 86 Metascore. By adopting an approach similar to the paper mario Games, Kirby’s Epic Yarn turned the pink hero into a yarn creation and sent him to Patch Land, a world made of cloth. Kirby’s mission was to cross Patch Land and find pieces of magic thread to stop the evil Yin-Yarn.

“Never before has a game been so engrossing, charming and simultaneously fun in its absolute entirety; truly an epic experience that every self-respecting gamer should own,” states the N-Europe review, seen on Metacritic.

Kirby Mass Attack (Nintendo DS, 2011) – 83

The Nintendo DS used its handy touchscreen mechanism again with the 2011s Kirby Mass Attackwhich earned a 83 Metascore. This time, the villainous Necrodeus has split Kirby into 10 pieces and scattered them across the Popopo Islands. Using the stylus, players found and controlled mini Kirbys that would help defeat Necrodeus and restore Kirby to regular form.

Mass attack is a game of left-wing invention, wits and surprises, in other words, and it all adds up to a near-perfect send-off for Nintendo’s aging DS,” The telegraph said in his review.

Kirby’s Dream Collection: Special Edition (Wii, 2012) – 82

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Ten years ago Nintendo celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Kirby franchise with a special edition anthology series for Wii. Kirby’s Dream Collection: Special Edition quickly turned into one of the best Kirby games, with a Metascore of 82. The compilation included six classic tracks: Kirby’s Dream Land, Kirby’s Adventure, Kirby’s Dream Land 2, Kirby Super Star, Kirby’s Dream Land 3and Kirby Chapter 64: Crystal Shards.

“Kirby’s Dream Collection is a beautiful tribute to Kirby’s 20-year history”, NintendoWorldReport wrote. “Anyone who missed some of their old releases, or just fancy replaying them all, should definitely pick up this package.”

Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland (Game Boy Advance, 2002) – 81

Finally, a 2002 Game Boy Advance title shines in the top 5. Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland has a Metascore of 81. Serve as a remake of Kirby’s Adventurethe game followed Kirby on a journey to retrieve the Star Rod and defeat King Dedede. In addition to the single player mode, Nightmare in dreamland had a multiplayer mode for up to three friends.

“With fantastic level designs, great enemies and power-ups, plus the addition of fun and entertaining multiplayer modes, Kirby is a must,” Gaming Age wrote, as seen on Metacritic.

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