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The 6 cheapest ways to heat your home efficiently

If you are from the south or southeast of Spain, you probably only noticed the cold a few weeks ago, because in these places there are two seasons: summer and winter. Spring and autumn are reserved for the privileged.

And if you’re from the middle, most likely you’ll be struggling since October at night, when the temperatures drop and the jacket is already short.

Winter in Spain is very uneven, but deep down it affects us all, because where it is very cold, fortunately, the houses are usually prepared, and where it is less cold in return, the houses do not have fun. not to handle the heat.

For this reason, Our goal today is to give you some tips to help keep your house warm., without spending a lot of money on the road and being smart.

Let’s see how we handle it:

Do not change the temperature suddenly

There is a very common mistake when heating the house which is to turn the heating on full and then, when we have already heated it, to turn it off. Etc.

Heatstroke, as this practice is called, is the big gas / electric suckerHence, they are so visible on the invoice at the end of the month. The key is to turn on the heat moderately and wait a bit for the house to warm up.

Because ultimately, it’s like going on a road trip: You consume less without going 120 km / h at cruising speed than if you are stuck accelerating and braking, even if it takes a few minutes longer to get there.

And in the end, an engine and a boiler are very similar, starting with the fact that they both run on fossil fuels.

Enjoy the sunny hours

Something that we have to do in Spain that we usually don’t do is enjoy the royal star, because even in winter the star continues to heat up with its rays.

It makes it very interesting that during the sunny hours we have the blinds up and the curtains drawn, allowing the sun to enter the house and warm it inside.

A few hours of sun hitting the floor, walls, and sofa equals a few degrees that they can take later if we do it right.

And this heat is not only used by objects, since sitting down for a while enjoying the sun helps to regain the temperature in the hands and feet, something key in winter (in addition to allowing us to recover vitamin D, which is generally low in winter).

Better hot than hot

One law that applies to both air conditioning and heating is that just one degree of difference can add a few dollars more to your gas and electricity bills.

Experts explain that the ideal temperature for a house is between 19º and 21º, neither lower nor higher. With this temperature, life can be enjoyed in a pleasant way at home without needing to be cold or hot.

An increase of only 1º increases energy expenditure by up to 7%, This is why it is preferable that in winter we put the heating but also a sweater or a sweatshirt. The goal is not to go home as in summer, but to be comfortable, a little warm and warm.

For this reason heating at low power and during the necessary hours is better and consumes less than heating at full power for a short time, in addition to the latter. it makes us lose our temper, go from hot to cold too quickly.

Insulate windows and doors

It is said a lot, but it does not lose its validity for all that. Due to lack of insulation, up to 30% of a home’s heat is lost, so a well-insulated home is a more efficient home.

To solve this problem, you can buy better quality double-walled windows and doors. But if you can’t afford it, you already know that there are some really inexpensive weatherstripping that effectively seal windows and door frames, preventing heat from escaping.

In addition to this inexpensive solution, at night it is essential that lower the blinds and unfold the curtains, because they both serve as insulation. Shades to keep the cold out and curtains to let heat from the heater escape through the windows.

With these two simple tips, we will drastically reduce our gas and electricity bills, because the heat holds better in the house and it is not necessary to heat as much.

Install a thermostat

This is another solution that costs money, but is one of the most useful. A thermostat is inexpensive and simple, and it takes very little time to install. In return, you will have in hand a tool which, like cars, is like cruising speed to save.

The good thing about the thermostat is that it doesn’t feel good, always keeping the house warm above the minimum temperature we want.

Smart thermostat for easy installation directly on the wall. Control your home’s gas and water heating directly from your mobile phone and remotely. Compatible with Alexa and Google Home.

Thereby, a user can set that the minimum temperature he wants at home is 19 ° and the thermostat manages with the boiler in order to always maintain the house at this temperature, not to cause heat explosions and to provide heat in a stable manner.

It’s a lot more efficient than what we usually do at home, which increases and decreases the power according to our thermal sensation. It is without a doubt one of the most recommended investments.

The heating must follow your schedules

The heating should be on during the hours we are at home. No more no less. Don’t fool around putting it on for a few hours before you get home because it’s neither necessary nor effective.

A house heats up within half an hour after turning on the heater under normal conditions, So the smart thing is that we don’t turn on the heating before getting home, because while we are changing, putting on our slippers and pajamas, the house is hot.

Everything you need to know to buy the best smart thermostat and control the temperature in your home from your mobile or with assistants like Alexa.

If we stick to these hours, those of you who work abroad will save a lot of money, and those of you who also work at home, since the advice can be extrapolated to: the heater is not turned on if it is not cold, only when it is really needed.

And, of course, at night it should be turned off, because in bed the duvet is the one that maintains the temperature, which gives the boiler and the pocket a break. Without falling below 17º (that in a well insulated house that never happens) the nights are the most comfortable.

With these six simple tips, anyone can heat their home in an efficient, more responsible and therefore cheaper way.

Many of the tricks require the will and knowledge of our house, and the others, the ones that require a small investment, in just a few months we will be saving a lot more than what we spent on equipment.

Electricity and gas are increasing every month, it is our job to support each other and improve our quality of life without affecting our wallet.