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The ‘Barbie’ Film Set Photos of Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling Went Out of Control

It’s no exaggeration to say that Greta Gerwig’s exit Barbie Next summer is about the only thing that gives me the strength to survive a completely cursed moment in American politics and global health – well, that and my COVID vaccine.

The same seems true for most of the Movie Twitterers, who can’t help but happily share any photos (and now videos) they can get their hands on from the movie, which is currently filming. The still images, without any sort of context to the film’s plot, have managed to become memes.

So far, BarbieThe distributor of , Warner Bros., has released two promotional photos of the upcoming film—Margot Robbie’swho plays the main role, in a hot pink convertible, and the other of Ryan Gosling in beach blonde Ken with washboard abs. Twitter, myself included, rejoiced. In particular, this latest revelation seemed to give Gosling skeptics confirmation that the 41-year-old actor is an ideal candidate for one of pop culture’s most iconic boyfriends. Reporters have also learned that the film will supposedly be set in a multiverse and will feature multiple Barbies and Kens.

These kinds of first looks and release exclusives are industry protocol. And vague plot details ahead of a trailer launch are expected, given the hype surrounding the potential blockbuster. It’s rare to walk into a studio project, especially an IP-based project, completely blind. However, there is something more sinister going on about the amount of set photos that have become practically unmissable on Twitter if you follow at least three people in the Film Twitter sphere and in particular the Twitter account @movie updates. God help you if you haven’t already blocked @PageGosling.

It’s not that I don’t get pleasure from seeing pictures of two of the sexiest actors wearing cute cowboy outfit and rollerblading around the city in matching neon sets. Robbie looking distressed on a park bench while wearing a western fringe outfit made me laugh. I’m more struck by the fear that the footage from these outdoor scenes will never end and diminish at least some of my experience watching the film in July 2023.

I realize that I speak of a privileged place. This same problem notably occurred during the filming of Ridley Scott Gucci House. I marched when people expressed concern about the startling amount of onlooker leaked footage of Lady Gaga and Jared Leto, and the meme farm it has sparked. I blew it as a staged operation in Universal’s thirsty press rollout — though that’s not a far-fetched assumption — and I didn’t make a fuss. Still, I should have known that it would set a precedent for all the highly anticipated films to come and even filmmakers with as much internet goodwill as Gerwig would be exempt.

Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling on rollerblades film new scenes for Barbie in Venice, California.

MEGA/GC Images/Getty

There’s obviously a better case for not leaking images of Barbiea film which I consider to be quite good and which has already proven to be a visual spectacle in the costume department, which Gucci House, which, from what I’ve seen, is both evil and hideous. I want to be pleasantly surprised when I see Robbie appear on screen in her hyper-feminine ensembles. I want to sit in my seat when Gosling appears presumably wearing the “male” iteration of whatever Robbie wears. What’s more, Gerwig (and his partner Noah Baumbach, who co-wrote the film) have given the world, especially very online moviegoers, enough spectacular cinematic content over the past decade – and will most likely contribute to… one of the few interesting films in the IP Cinematic Universe – that she deserves that we don’t circulate her bits of her art before we can present it in its finished form.

Even as more and more people demand the Barbie put the pics to stop, i don’t see any stan accounts or even just boring Movie Twitter people exercising some kind of self control. For those of us who wish to reserve an element of surprise until the film’s release, we can only pray that the rest of the film will be shot indoors.