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The best alternatives to Google Docs for Android

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Google Docs is the default document editor for most Android phones in the market. This is constantly updated to provide a better user experience. For example, they recently announced that they would add suggestions to improve the quality of the texts. However, for many people this platform is not comfortable and that is why we will present the best Google Docs alternatives of this 2022.

Docs strikes a good balance between ease of use and functionality, it’s the most convenient way to access a document.

Despite the great features of Google Docs, the truth is that it’s not perfect. There are several open source or more powerful alternatives which offer remarkable performance, in addition to being very complete. They offer complete support, ideal for the world of office automation.

Collaboration office: It is an open source application that was created in LibreOffice, thanks to this it offers a large number of functions. The interface is a bit clunky, but it’s functional and puts everything at your fingertips. It is under development and has a public bug tracker.

– ONLYOFFICE Docs: This is a simplified document editor with many features. The best thing is that its interface is very well designed to be 100% intuitive. It should be noted that cloud storage is private, which makes it easy to control stored data.

Most Useful Alternatives to Google Docs

– Zoho Writer: the creators of this application took Google Docs as inspiration. The platform is minimalist, useful and very easy to use. It has some cool additions like chat-style commentary to make it easier for multiple people to collaborate.

Apps similar to Google Docs

– Dropbox Paper– It is one of the best alternatives to Google Docs as it is very well optimized. It is an easy to use application, its main objective is to make the collaboration of several people in a document something simple and practical. Dropbox Paper simplifies and speeds up file sharing.

Apps similar to Google Docs

-Polaris Office: This is an editor with some very cool features, like its own cloud storage option, linking to various office platforms and more. Its only negative point is that the interface is a bit cluttered.

Google Docs and its alternatives

– Microsoft Word– Logically, this is for the most part the best Google Docs alternatives. It has all the important functions to properly edit a document. In addition, the interface is very easy to use because everything is at your fingertips, there will be no annoying limitations.

Options for Google Docs