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The best cooperative games for Android mobiles (2022)

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Playing the best simulation, survival, action or almost any other genre games on your mobile phone is usually something you do alone. However, if you don’t like to play alone, there are also very fun and addictive titles that will allow you to play with your Android mobile phone.

Co-op titles are great for playing with friends or family because they are competitive.

In this list, we review the best cooperative games of the moment. They stand out for their simplicity and perfect gameplay to unite several people in a single game.

-Death squared: Death Squared is a simple puzzle-based game that must be solved by two players at the same time. To achieve the goal, they will have to coordinate their every move. If they make a mistake, they will lose part of what they have advanced and it will become more difficult.

-Among us: Without a doubt, Among Us is one of the best cooperative games today. It has a huge community of users and the games are great fun. The mechanics are simple, in a spaceship there are several crew members, but one of them is a traitor who wants to kill the others. The objective is to discover the impostor before being executed by him.

-Terraria: Like Minecraft, it supports LAN co-op which is a great feature as it opens up a world of possibilities. Terraria is a complete game that opens a new dimension to the player where he can explore, face enemies and build his own world as he always imagined.

-Battle of Polytopia: It’s a turn-based strategy game where every move must be executed coolly. In cooperative mode, the player can face his family and friends to test everyone’s mental agility. The main objective revolves around conquering enemy territory.

– Rocket League Side Swipe: Rocket League in 2022 is one of the best mobile co-op games as it offers many hours of fun. It’s a competitive football title where the players have been replaced by cars, the mechanics are very well worked and it’s really addictive and exciting.