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The best games and my favorite moments of 2021

2021 has had a lot of really interesting moments on the Nintendo Switch. Game launches, giant updates for some of the games, the OLED version, and an impressive amount of system shortage. It was a crazy time for the little giant of Nintendo.

For this list though, I’m going to drop the 5 best gaming experiences I’ve had on the Nintendo Switch. Keep in mind that this can be for updates as well as for games. Also, don’t forget that this is MY list. Other folks at App Trigger might think differently and, as always, you as a reader are more than welcome to disagree, but here are my highlights on the Switch.


5. Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin

I loved the original Monster Hunter 3DS stories so much. A game that took place in the Monster Hunter universe with more story and a “rock, paper, scissors” turn-based mechanic that was built by reading the body language of monsters? Sign me up. Loved it but I knew it was a niche too and niche games rarely have sequels. So when July 2021 brought us a new Monster Hunter Stories game, I lost my mind.

This game is absolutely giant and I loved it. It features a rare story where you can actually get a sense of how characters from a previous game have gone about their lives since you left you quit.

The graphics, character design, and animations are gorgeous. And you have so many secrets to discover. Everything from unlocking various hairstyles and cosmetics to finding rare “monster” variations. This game has so much going for it and whenever you think you have used everything you can do the game will suddenly launch something like theft opening up an entirely new world to the game.

Not only did I love Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, but because the game used turn-based mechanics instead of the show’s normal method of inventory management and complex combat, that meant my young kids could also participate. The story was light and had a great “How to Train Your Dragon” feel and it was a great success because we could all do it together.