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The Hollywood Scandals That Destroyed Many Movie Star Careers

All that glitters is not gold. The fallout from a scandal is never pleasant for anyone, but it can be extremely damaging when a Hollywood A-lister is involved. With paparazzi watching your every move and waiting for you to make a major or minor mistake, fame can come at a high price. As a result, when controversy erupts in Hollywood, it can have serious consequences for celebrities on and off screen. As a result, here are 5 Hollywood scandals that ruined the careers of movie stars:

1. When Gilbert Gottfried’s callous side was revealed

American actor and stand-up comedian with an emphasis on crude humor.

Gilbert Gottfried is best known for his role as Iago in the animated film Aladdin. Another opportunity to hear Gottfried’s voice on a daily basis occurred when he was the Aflac duck sound, until he was fired for making a joke about the tsunami that killed thousands. of Japanese. Gottfried took to Twitter to express his humor: “Japan is really advanced. They don’t go to the beach. The beach comes to them”. This turned into one of Hollywood’s biggest scandals and he was quickly fired from his duck role, which is only natural given that Japan accounts for 75% of Aflac’s revenue!

2. Ryan Phillippe is facing a strong backlash for his infidelity

Among the stars who ended their career because of Hollywood scandals: Ryan Phillippe
Best known for playing the lead role of Bob Lee Swagger in the USA Network thriller drama Shooter.

When it was revealed that Ryan Philippe had been unfaithful to Reese Witherspoon, fans were outraged. The couple had starred together in the romantic drama Cruel Intentions, and their eight-year marriage had gained a legion of fans who were as committed to their relationship as they were to their professional lives. Philippe apparently missed Witherspoon with his Stop-Loss co-actor Abbie Cornish. The actor, who has had roles in films such as I Know What You Did Last Summer and Flags of Our Fathers, never really healed from the unfavorable publicity surrounding his affair.

3. The Superstar Who Could Never Be: Paz de la Huerta

Hollywood scandals ended the career of this actor: Paz de la Huerta
American actress and model, well known for her roles in the films The Cider House Rules and A Walk to Remember.

Paz de la Huerta was on her way to stardom, thanks to her role as Nucky’s lover on ‘Boardwalk Empire’. The actress was known for her sultry and intriguing roles and for being a party girl. After the Golden Globes, TMZ got footage of her extremely drunk. She tripped and fell, exposing her chest, which she was far too sleepy to notice. Huerta was later arrested for assault. She allegedly attacked a reality personality in the face after throwing a drink at her. Things didn’t seem to be going any better on set. She had a preference for shaving her pubis in public between scenes and arriving at work drugged and in tears. The producers of “Boardwalk Empire” had had enough and fired her from the show in 2013.

4. Tila Tequila said how awesome Hitler was

One of the actresses whose career suffered a downfall due to Hollywood scandals.
Social media personality who was first credited for becoming the most popular person on Myspace.

Tila Tequila isn’t afraid to say provocative things to get media attention. The biggest, and the one that effectively led to the downfall of her career, happened in 2013, when she thought Adolf Hitler was a wonderful figure to applaud. She also thought that photographing herself barely dressed in front of Auschwitz was a great idea. Finally, in 2016, she posted a photo of herself saluting like a Nazi on Twitter. His account was deleted soon after, which was understandable. Tequila was also a contestant on the Big Brother reality show, but was kicked out once the public learned of her pro-Hitler views after just one day.

5. Michael Richards Tried To Show His Racial Mindset

One of the few celebrities who destroyed their career with Hollywood scandals.
American actor, writer, television producer and comedian best known for his work on Seinfeld.

One of Hollywood’s most popular scandals was when “Seinfeld” Michael Richards found himself in a war of words with a member of his audience during a live concert in 2006, he made a controversial decision that effectively ended his career. Richards fired back with a series of racial obscenities in response to the man’s comments. “Fifty years ago they would hang you upside down with an af*****g fork up your ass,” Richards told the viewer. There were distinct murmurs in the room as the enraged actor said the N-word repeatedly. The comedian then left the stage before finishing his number.