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The New Green Goblin Makes Up For His Worst Film Fail

By battling Spider-Man, a new version of the Green Goblin created from the sins of Norman Osborn has just redeemed the failure of the original film

Warning! This article contains spoilers for amazing spider man #88

The new version of green goblin in Spider Man’The current story arc just made up for the original movie’s worst failure. Since Peter Parker was badly beaten by the U-Foes, his clone, Ben Reilly, became Spider-Man and fought crime with Beyond Corporation as his sponsor. However, Beyond isn’t as virtuous as it seems and has a dark secret lurking beneath the surface. As Spider-Man is about to uncover the mystery of the villain, he is attacked by the new version of the Green Goblin, a villain who succeeds where the original failed.


In amazing spider man #88 by Zeb Wells and Michael Dowling, Ben Reilly’s Spider-Man recovers from a procedure Beyond imposed on him to erase his memories of corporate secrets that would permanently ruin Beyond Corporation. However, Ben’s girlfriend Janine Godbe has access to these secrets, so Beyond’s superiors decide to take her out for good. In doing so, Beyond unleashes his own supervillain that they created specifically to fight Spider-Man and direct her towards Janine. This supervillain was created from the sins of Norman Osborn, inserting the essence of his evilness into a mangled and corrupted host body and creating the all-new villain known as Queen Goblin.

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Janine was taken to the offices of the Daily Bugle by MJ so she could reveal the Beyond Corporation’s dark secrets to the world. Once Queen Goblin is launched, she attacks Janine and MJ while trying to steal the flash drive which contains Beyond’s secret files. Before Queen Goblin succeeds, Spider-Man shows up and battles the new Goblin villain. During their fight, the Goblin Queen remotely pilots her glider directly at Spider-Man and manages to punch him in the chest, giving him the edge she needs to accomplish her nefarious task. When she hit Spider-Man with her glider, Queen Goblin succeeded where the movie version of the Green Goblin failed, a past failure that cost the Green Goblin his life.

In the first of Sam Raimi Spider Man movie, Spider-Man takes on Norman Osborn’s Green Goblin. Their conflict culminates in a final confrontation at the end of the film where Green Goblin tries to win Spider-Man’s sympathy while simultaneously plotting Spidey’s disappearance. Osborn remotely controls his glider to sneak up behind Spider-Man before commanding him to fly towards him with razor-sharp blades drawn on the front. Spider-Man jumps out of the way but the glider continues on its path and flies straight into Green Goblin’s stomach, killing him on the spot.

While Green Goblin’s worst failure was recently portrayed in the Spider Man movie, he also found himself in the same situation in the comics. In amazing spider man #122, the Green Goblin also misses the mark with his glider trying to hit Spider-Man and it apparently kills him the same way it did in the movie. However, it is later revealed that Green Goblin survived this event and continued to torment Spider-Man from the shadows. Since he survived in the comics, it’s clear that the failure of the film version was much worse since he was killed off for good in the film. Despite these failures, Green Goblin’s successor, Queen Goblin, repurchased the original and effectively hit Spider Man with his glider, thus succeeding where the green goblin failed so miserably.

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