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The Surprising Fantasy Classics Chris Pine Used to Describe the D&D Movie

Most people probably associate a “Dungeons & Dragons” movie with the fantasy genre, but given that Daley and Goldstein have mostly comedic backgrounds, it’s safe to say that the upcoming project will also lean towards a humorous territory. Chris Pine pretty much confirmed it in his Collider interview, where he talked about his time shooting the movie so far: “Oh man. Well what I’ll say is we’ve had a lot of each other. fun doing it. There was a lot of laughter.”

Pine went on to compare the film favorably to some real fan favorites: “The way I’ve described it is like ‘Game of Thrones’ mixed in with a bit of ‘Princess Bride’, just a bit of ‘Holy Grail’. “; ‘It’s somewhere in this baseball stadium. It’s a lot of fun. There’s a lot of thrills. “Game of Thrones” shouldn’t be too surprising perhaps given that it’s about of the current fantasy hallmark, but the rest of the influences are firmly in the comedy category. It’s a good indication that audiences should let go of all expectations and be ready to accept a “D&D” movie very different from this that we have had in the past.

As anyone who’s ever played a D&D campaign, especially one that’s spanned months, can attest, you need to be able to laugh when you’re on the battlefield with close friends. Looks like Daley and Goldstein tapped into something really wonderful. You can see for yourself when “Dungeons & Dragons” hits theaters on March 3, 2023.