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These are the trends in the tech labor market

These are the tech job trends

The world of work has changed with the innovations that human society has experienced in recent years, especially in technology industries. That’s why Infobae’s tech job predictions have brought Director of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MuseumDavid Nunez.

Even if everything returns to normal after a long period of pandemicCompanies will continue to manage remote or hybrid work contracts, Per case. Additionally, in a busy job market, tech workers will be willing to make their workplace more flexible.

David Nunez also points out that In the event of a recession or economic crisis, some companies will only send their employees back to the offices to justify investments and long-term real estate contracts.

On the other hand, companies located in cities known worldwide for hosting tech industries, such as Silicon Valley in the United States, will have a hard time finding workers due to the high cost of living in these places. , which will benefit. Emerging regions in the startup sector, such as Tel Aviv or Shanghai.

Freelance professionals will become an important part of businesses by creating complete work teams, They could group together to offer their services but without reaching the formalities of the agencies to avoid the tax burden. and bureaucratic procedures.

But at the same time, people who decide to work in this way will be overloaded with activities because They risk taking two full-time contracts at once, so that they avoid meeting and working from company computers to be able to do everything from one computer. Likewise, they must acquire new knowledge in project management and soft skills such as assertive communication and sales strategies.

Platforms to build apps and websites without knowing programming will continue to grow in the digital market as many people need to build apps. Even then, This will be an opportunity that those who already have computer knowledge will know how to better take advantage of. and in web development.

David Nunez, indicates that “Having a portfolio with interesting no-code applications, combined with a decent background in full-stack development, will make you a unique candidate for any company”,

However, the downside to this kind of web-based help for building apps is that those who plan to work in the tech industry will have to sell their professional profiles better.

These trainings provide individuals with practical preparation for the working environment with relevant certifications and accreditations, and Much cheaper than college. And as they become more and more specialized in certain aspects of technology, Companies will begin to view these locations as strategic locations to recruit talented workers.

Artificial intelligence will be the new collaborator (Photo: El Chapujas Informatico)

David Nunez indicates that for the moment the Web 3 will not reassure companies and the creations based on this technology seem to be only interesting performances rather than something real. The same goes for the blockchain, even if there is already a lot of talk about this innovation, it seems to generate more expectations than it actually is.

However, Nez points out that Web3 will begin to establish itself more reliably in a period of 3-5 yearsSo that those who want to learn and earn money can start learning more.

Until recently, positions related to these topics were reserved for doctoral or post-doctoral students, but today these types of tools are more accessible to those interested in science and computer science. Thus, very lucrative vacancies will be opened for people with knowledge in this type of technology, yes, They should be well aware of the ethical debates surrounding it, the algorithmic biases and the real limits of AI.

Code-generating artificial intelligence such as codecs or co-driver will contribute to the development of the code base, so They will be widely used in the most time-consuming and complex coding tasks, While engineers will focus on system design and simple coding tasks. Everything will be a team effort.

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