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Timothée Chalamet’s Best Film and TV Roles to Date

Seemingly capable of entering any genre with admirable ease, in 2019 Chalamet turned to the epic history with his performance as the royal titular in “The King.” With a harsh bowl cut, an English accent, and a ridiculously French Robert Pattinson to contend with, this film was a real test of Chalamet’s acting ability, well outside of the coming-of-age dramas in which he s a name is made.

Premiering on Netflix, “The King” seemed to come and go with little fanfare and remains underrated and underrated. Historical epics such as “The King” tend to perform better on the big screen, but with craggy and dirty battle scenes to rival “Game of Thrones,” it’s a solid entry for the genre nonetheless.

So how did Chalamet end up playing Henry V? Well, after her praised performances in “Call Me by Your Name”, “Lady Bird” and “Beautiful Boy”, Chalamet was fortunate enough to be able to carefully choose her next role, and in a interview with Entertainment Weekly, he said he was looking for “anything that wouldn’t have been obvious.” Despite his illustrious career so far, Chalamet’s success had still come fairly quickly, so it was a smart decision on his part to test the limits of what he could do and get out of his zone. comfort in a genre he didn’t have. have a lot of experience in.

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